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  1. kyfarmer

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    Went sanging today for a little while and found a lot of elk sign. Just dug 6 bunches from 21/2 oz to 1 oz in size, not much but someone had beat us to that section of mountain, hope they filled their poke. Next time i might get to a place first, its the way it is. The elk sign was nice to see, i know they were close in this area, but seeing the proof is a plus. I will try and take pics next trip but i carry an older camera, kinda heavy so we will see. The fours found today were worthy of a pic.
  2. Emerald

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    Just a little FYI- It is a protected plant in Michigan so don't get caught harvesting here! :eek: Huge fines.

  3. *Andi

    *Andi Supporting Member

    No sanging here :cry:

    I guess the folks picking forgot to leave a few for Mother Nature :mad: ... I did buy some seeds a few years back to replant. But now I have to wait.... and wait ... and wait, a few more years for the plots to grow. (4 different plots):D

    One day(I hope) to be able to sang again.

    Hhhmmm... wonder if it is late to order some more seed????:scratch
  4. The_Blob

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    doesn't ginseng take years (5-6?) to grow to a harvestable size?
  5. *Andi

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    Around here we say 7 - 8 years ... but then most people I know wait until the plot is about 10 years old ... So they (the plants) can carry on after harvest ...
  6. Woody

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    I am planning on the 10 year till harvest. I planted a bunch of rootlets all around the place 3 years ago, too see where it grew best. It’s growing mighty slowly, I’m thinking cause it’s so hot and dry in my area. I also put in goldenseal and that too is taking its sweet time. Not worrying me, I bet it’ll be nice and potent by growing so slow.
  7. Concretin

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    Out here in the PRK, sheeple would scratch their heads and say "Does Ginseng grow in America?" But, being an old transplanted Ozark hillbilly, I miss root digging days, Particularly digging sassafras in the spring.

    I'm not planting any ginseng as I don't plan on being here long enough for it to mature.
  8. kyfarmer

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    Got a day in the woods a sanging. Seen a tough looking buck, :mad: being chased by two big red dogs. This pees me, folks should put their da? dogs up. This was on our mountain, stinking mutt,s. I,am a dog owner and like them, but this is bull, could have and did not shoot the mutts but i should have. I think they belong to some one a mile down the road, i,ll make a call rather than go postal on them. :( But at the end of the day 9oz got dug today, for a stroll in the hill it's not to bad. :D
  9. *Andi

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    I went out today to check our plots (and pick up walnuts) ... they have a lot of growing to do :(...

    I have came across more 'snakes' (not dogs) in the last few days than I have all year.

    The racer I saw this morning was 'not' happy to see me! I almost stepped on it and it let me know. He was not a happy snake. I stopped in my tracks to see what it was going to do... after a quick dance ... it found an out and went. but he/she was ticked. :eek:

    Looks like they are looking for a winter home.