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HurCon Checklist

I keep a checklist iaw the government Hurricane Condition (HurCon I, II, III, IV, & V)system:

HurCon V: Automatically set at the beginning of hurricane season (June 1st) and secured at the end of the season (Dec 1st) - among other things; Change out fresh water supplies, top off and stabilize gas supplies, review the complete hurricane preparation checklist & update as needed. Increase the amount of cash kept on hand at home.

HurCon IV: set when landfall is 72 hours away - among other things; Top off all vehicle gas tanks, Top off groceries and other supplies as needed, Check out & test run generator, Update/refill all prescriptions as needed, Check flashlights, battery supplies, & FAK's (human's & pet's), Start monitoring the storm more closely.

HurCon III: set when landfall is 48 hours away - among other things; "Decision Time" concerning whether to leave or to stay, board the windows/doors. Secure all "missile hazards" in the yard, inventory all BoB's and load the BoB's with special need items: meds, important papers, etc. Insure an appropriate amount of cash is on hand. Depart if EVACUATION is deemed required!!!

Hurcon II: set when landfall is 24 hours away - among other things; When the decision has been made to Bug In: Monitor storm's progress and strength very closely. Start small projects to keep everybody busy, plan a "Morale Night" so everyone can relax and enjoy the "Family Time" that the storm is providing.

HurCon I: set when landfall is 12 hours away and maintained until the storm system has cleared the area - among other things; Damage Control if/when needed, Keeping everyone busy/distracted w/cards, board games, small in-house projects.

HurCon V is reset when the system has cleared the area. Now the cleanup fun begins!!!

My current Readiness Conditions are:

HurCon V: Will be set June 1st.
DefCon IV: Same scale as above but this is my Defense Condition since I am deployed.
ThreatCon Bravo: Threat Conditions pertain to civil unrest, domestic or foreign terrorism.
MarSec 1Yellow: Maritime Security Condition per DHS & USCG policies - correlates to the current Terror Alert Status
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