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Get Home Pack

I'm not a big proponent of the "Bug-Out Bag" in an urban setting. More than likely in a survival situation I will be out of the house and will need to get home as quickly and safely as possible. My Get Home pack starts with the Nomadic WL 25 Wise-Walker ½ size pack. This little beauty has 17 pockets and the version in black has high visibility orange on the pocket interiors so it easy locate every item in the pack!

Unfortunately these are currently not available but any small unobtrusive pack should do…you want to look like a commuter just trying to get home.

In my pack I have:

· MyMedic Basic Medical Kit modified with additional items such as Lister bandage scissors, disposable thermometer, non-stick bandages & etc.

· Bear Grylls Survival Kit (16 pcs.).

· GMC-320 plus Geiger Muller Counter (size of a smartphone)

· SNDWAY SW-825 PM2.5 Particle Counter (1/2 size of a smartphone)

· 3M Disposable N95 Masks (new type with black rubber face seal)

· USB charger and cables for all devices

· Flashlight (spare Lithium batteries)

· Kershaw locking folder

· Extra undergarments

· Personal hygiene items, prescription medications, small notebook & etc.

· MedSpec ASO Velcro ankle stabilizer (in case the hike home is long)

· Passport wallet and extra cash (fits in a hidden pocket on the back of pack)

· Water and energy bars

· Firestorm JPX 4 Shot Compact Pepper Spray Gun (for travel in sketchy areas)

· For extended travel away from home I keep a compact 9mm in a lock-box on a steel cable hidden and tethered to the frame of the vehicle.
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