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Suicide Plugs

I've been told that you can plug a portable generator into one of your homes power outlets and it will power the homes other outlets.

The procedure was this: Run a line from the generator to one of your homes outlets after cutting the external power off at the homes main power box. You can then use the outlets in your home as long as you don't exceed your generators power rating.

Does anyone know for sure (especially one of you electricians) if this is true?
What you are describing is called a "suicide plug". From Popular Mechanics,

13. RE: 4 Steps to Power Your Home When the Grid Fails
NEVER use a suicide plug. FIRST if you forget to turn off the correct breakers, you can KILL a lineman. if you reverse polatity you can KILL a lineman. if you fail to properly ground everything you can KILL a lineman.. it's nowhere reasonable to risk someone life so you can look cool, just run a cord if you don't have the proper transfer switch, installed by someone that knows what an isolated ground can do.

A better solution is to have an electrician wire a transfer switch to your service. That will keep the lineman safe.

Thanks for bringing this question to the table.
1 - 1 of 217 Posts
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