Generational Judicial Failure in America

Discussion in 'Politics' started by horseman09, Dec 29, 2010.

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    A career criminal with 3 life sentences is paroled, then kills a cop in a jewelry store heist. Sound like another Willie Horton/Dukakis tragedy? Do they ever learn?! I don't even live in Mass., but I am still mad as hell!

    Massachusetts Cop Was Killed by Career Criminal Out on Parole Despite Three Life Sentences -

    THREE LIFE SENTENCES, and he is paroled?!!! Sorry for yelling, but is there any sanity left in our judicial system? And this happened in Massachusetts, were the pols hate the the 2nd Amendment. Citizens are supposed to trust the government to protect them?!

    Every member of that parole board who voted to parole Cinelli, the (alleged)shooter, should be rounded up by Mass. citizens (torches and pitchforks are mandatory) and shackled in stocks to serve out Cinelli's 3 life sentences. Their property should be sold and the funds sent to the police officer's family.

    Sound like vigilantism or anarchy? Well....................maybe vigilantism and anarchy will work better than the Massachusetts government.
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    I agree. Either do NOT release a mad dog back into society, or hold those responsible at fault. That parole board has this cop's blood on their Liberal hands, and should prostrate themselves before the man's family and ask forgiveness - AFTER all they own is sold and they are fired, never to hold a civil service or government job again. Make the consequences of a very bad decision enough to want to avoid!

    I personally believe anyone found guilty of heinous murder should forfeit their life in the first place. This piece of human garbage should have been sent to The Chair.

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    And yet, two sisters who were in their teens at the time, hit a couple of guys over the head (didn't kill them) and stole their wallets, netting $11, and they were sentenced to life sentences for it. Sixteen years later they've been offered parole...because it's medically too expensive to keep the one in jail that is on kidney dialysis, and they're offering to parole both sisters if the healthy one donates a kidney to the sick one.

    I don't understand why killers and rapists are back out on the street sooner than these women, and why 2 girls, kids!, who merely clubbed a couple men on the head and stole $11, were given LIFE sentences, and have served 16 years already. Yeah, it was a crime and they should have served some time, but golly, I've seen people sentenced to as little as 15 years for raping or killing someone. And seen murderers paroled a whole lot sooner. Maybe there's more to the story? :dunno:

    Sister's kidney donation condition of Miss. parole - Yahoo! News
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    Not the first and will not be the last ... sad times...

    IMO ... the guy from the OP should have been under the jail in the first place ... but that is just me ...
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    Well those swamp donkeys gota make room for all those evil anti govt. preppers don,t ya know. What a bunch of tards yep fine judges they have there. :mad:
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    Rope is cheap ... trees will grow back.