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    We all know that people can go on for sometime without food, but without water it's a whole different ball game. Water is the most essential part of any food storage system. However, compared to its importance, water receives very little attention. People are prone to underestimate its significance and having stored water available. This great, life giving and life-preserving resource is always called upon first during any emergency. An individual without water will suffer dehydration, heat stroke, and muscle cramps. Death usually occurs after 5-9 days without water. In times of emergency, your source of water may become contaminated or even cut off for many conceivable reasons. The only way to counter these dangerous possibilities is to have your own stored water and the capacity to purify extra water should you require it.

    oasisv:emergency preparedness information and supplies

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    That's an interesting article that you posted there natural ... BlogStyle and yet it gets the points across that tryin' to store enough water for a year is virtually impossible unless you have a couple of olympic-sized swimming pools in your backyard.

    We use water for everything from drinking / cooking to cleaning and flushin' it down the toilet.

    Thanks for the reminder that we need to be able to purify water instead of just storing it! :beercheer:

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    great article

    EVERYONE should read it.