Gasoline storage

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    There is no need to... you still only want to fill to 80% liquid level, same as before.
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    Oh ok. Thanks for the awesome idea! Any tips on getting the gas back out? You just use an old grill hose with the regulator lopped off?

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    Am I the only one who sees some "unsafe" uses for this kind of setup?
    Flame thrower:ignore:
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    man if you added a little palmolive to that mix and put a 2nd pressure tank to the mix.

  6. LincTex

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    Pretty much. It will have to be flipped upside down to get the liquid off the bottom and keep the vapor on top. You will also want to drill the restrictor orifice bigger, or it will take a while to drain. Not too big, though.... if you have 100 psi of pressure, keep the hole down to around .125 or so.

    Building the "device" you others are "referring to" requires more thought and design.
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    "Building the "device" you others are "referring to" requires more thought and design."
    Fortunately I think that the more though anyone puts into that sort of endeavour the less likely they are to attempt it:)
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    Fuel Stabilizer

    Have been using this product for a few years now, my lawn mower gas is about a year old, during the hurricane season I buy 20 gallons for my generator, after the season and a few month later I use it in my van, my friend has a boat has been park for more than a year, starts every week.
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    Has anyone here tried Seafoam for gasoline storage?
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    Never tried it for storage. It works great for undoing a lot of the damage done by leaving unstabilized gasoline in stuff, though.
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    1) One easyy "trick" is to buy your long term storage gas w/o any Ethanol.. This can still be done in most areas.
    2) Buy the steel Jerry cans without the breathing hole and fill them high to minimize the amount of air in the can. These can be expensive.
    These are ae the best but the most expnsive:
    The Walmart versions are not good enough.
    These here are half the price of the gold standard liked above and not quite as good but still servicable

    Why such expensive cans?
    Gasoline in SHTF will be liquid gold... if yu truly want to store it long term it has to be a quality container.
    I have even stored ethanol based gas with these successfully ( isolated from air so less water to absorb into the ethanol component also the ethanol component can serve as food for mircoroganisms) but use the non ethanol if possible...

    3) Add Stabil or Pri-G to the mix IAW instructions.

    I had gasoline that was 2.5 yrs old smell and run normally after taking it out
    I am convinced it will stay good even longer.
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    I just rotate my gasoline twice a year. Every spring I use my gas cans to fill our vehicles and then immediately re-fill them with fresh gasoline. Then I do the same in the fall. That way my gasoline is always good and I never run short.
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