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    Have you checked your gas masks lately for fit, tears, worn valves, in-date filters?.
    Have you tested it with either banana oil or vanilla extract for seal-ability.
    Do you know how to use one, how to replace the filter?
    Do you have some at the ready, at home, in your vehicle?.

    This might be a wake up call why you should.
    Report: Al-Qaida aims to hit U.S. with WMDs - Security-

    After an incident isn't the time for this.
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    In case that link dies, here is a copy of the original writing


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    Now's the time to get them.

    We've had our for quite some time and I will check them out. (Thanks for the reminder.) I've seen them advertised lately so get them now. If people get scared the supply will dry up quickly. Don't forget filters also.
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    Thanks for the reminder.

    Only I have trouble putting this thing over my face. It takes my breath away and my heart starts racing. Don't know what to do inorder for my husband to try and see if the fit is right.