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    Well, I'm back from vacation, and yes it was wonderful, not great fishing but the weather was hard to beat, almost to 80 during the day and in the upper 50's at night. A couple of thunderstorms broke up the monotony.
    Alright to the gas detector warning. We took our travel trailer on vacation which we have for years now, but, this time we learned a lesson concerning the gas leak detector that is on the wall near the floor under the refer. It is designed to detect a propane gas leak in the trailer if such an event should happen while we are sleeping. Well, it did go off, but not for the intended type of gas it was designed for. One of our two black labs had decided to get off of their bed during the night and sleep on the vinyl floor next to the wall, which the detector is mounted. So during the night, a toxic gas was produced by the labs digestive system and expelled very close to the detector and wallah!, it sent out a shrilling alarm to wake the dead, startled, I went in to see what was wrong, only to see one of the labs sleeping under the detector. Ok I get it, keep the gas producing dogs away from the detector at night.
    Well the next night the other gas producing lab decided the vinyl floor must be a good place to sleep if the other lab had done so, and well you guessed it the alarm went off again.
    So just remember to keep those stink producing, toxic gas generating dogs away from the gas detectors if you want to get a good night sleep.:D
  2. UncleJoe

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    TOO FUNNY!!! :D
    Well maybe not for you, but the mrs. and I sure got a kick out of it.
    Welcome back. Glad you had a good trip. :wave:

  3. catsraven

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    You know those toxic gas generating dogs can be a real problem. I find that if you have a toxic gas generating contest with them it dose not smell as bad.

  4. mdprepper

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    Welcome back BunkerBob! I can not wait to tell your story around the campfire when the family goes camping next weekend. I believe I will win the funniest story award!
  5. Jason

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    Bob, that's great! You should thank the dogs for caring enough to stage an emergency preparedness drill. I'd bet you have the only prepper dogs on this forum. They probably have biscuits stashed all over your property.

    Glad you and yours had a nice trip.

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    Welcome back, Bob! We missed you! Sure loved the dog story! Like Jason said..."prepper dogs"!
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    I can say for sure the dogs are the best for keeping our camp secure. They are always on alert, noses in the air and listening for unusual sounds, even while you think they are sleeping soundly. No one could come within 100 yards with out them alerting us, they immediately get up bark and head towards the intruder, they stop short and continue their warning bark until the person has left, which in most cases the person does. The dogs are all bark even though the hair on their backs are raised and the "vicious" barking will make even the most brazen person retreat.

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