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Garlic as anti-biotic.

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I heard garlic can be one of the most potent natural antibiotics. Is this true? How much of it much you ingest?
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I have heard of using garlic for it's antibiotic properties as a tea.

Peel cloves, smash cloves, brew in boiling water (about 5 minutes or more), sniff steam, drink water, and finally eat the garlic.

I would personally hesitate to eat much of it raw or apply it externally raw.

I believe it could cause severe stomach problems if consumed in more than nominal quantities and that it could also cause chemical burns if applied wihtout a great deal of care.

Honey is apparently quite good as an external antibiotic.
Garlic as an antibiotic

Yes it works-I swear by it. It also has antiviral properties as well. When I am making my chicken soup (jewish penicillin in my family), a whole head of garlic goes into the making of the broth. I find that eating the garlic works better than the capsules or tablets. Also rubbing a cut garlic clove on my son's foot made a wart go away and it never came back. I have actually juiced a head of garlic, saved the juice, soaked the tip of a Q-tip with it and taped the Q-tip end to a corn on my foot and with a couple of days, the corn fell off. Now grantee, all of my coworkers kept asking if anyone else smelled garlic!
Never heard of it before. Any other natural remedies that have antibiotic properties?
"Now grantee, all of my coworkers kept asking if anyone else smelled garlic! "

Yes Therese, the stench of garlic applied or consumed will make people run.:D

Dana, it is not like a pill from the quack, it is a way of life. If I remember correctly garlic has been used as an antibiotic for 2000-2500 yrs.

Greylock, don't be hesitant just because the FDA doesn't approve. Honey is a good external antibiotic, it's even better internal.;) As in cut out the processed white sugar and use honey. Therefore your body will not be so susceptible to outside infection.

Dean, the founder, instigator, moderator,admin. of this forum!
"Never heard of it before".
Environment, up bringing, and location will always dictate what a person has heard or knows.
Any other natural remedies that have antibiotic properties? Yes , there are many.
Its good to see you have taken a hand in what you created.
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Ginger is also good, but both ginger and garlic should not be used for one week before any type of surgery as they interfere with the clotting cascade.

There are many books on the market about medical botany. Try your local library.
I use to have a site saved that was awesome concerning garlic. I can't find it but what the reports were saying is that the compound most useful in garlic as an anti-biotic was produced when it was crushed. Once crushed, the compound was generated on a 7 second cycle with a round being released at 7 seconds and another larger release at 14 seconds. After 14 seconds, the production of the compound was reduced and the compound was only active for a short while.

Not sure if that info will help anyone because I don't have the site, don't remember the name of the compound and don't remember how long it's active.

They also recommended getting your cloves fresh as grocery store bulbs are irradiated and most of the properties destroyed. Also saw a mention of breathing in the steam from a garlic broth for respiratory and sinus issues.
Honey applied at bedtime on acne will help in healing. Give garlic a try. The worst that will happen is that it burns so much you will wash it off.
This is kind of the opposite, but I heard that if you drink alot of green tea before sugery, you will bleed alot.
This is kind of the opposite, but I heard that if you drink alot of green tea before sugery, you will bleed alot.
I don't know if that's true or not but garlic will "thin" your blood. The tea thing would make sense, during my EMT-B class during injections I would bleed a lot more than I normally would. After reading your post it might have been something to do with the 1 gal of green tea I was drinking a day...

This is kind of the opposite, but I heard that if you drink alot of green tea before sugery, you will bleed alot.
Good to know benJAMMIN!
You have to give yourself injections in EMT-B class? What do you inject? :D
Garlic is an amazing plant. Two years ago I started feeling like I had the flu, but it never went away. I went from specialist to specialist feeling like a human pin cushion. One blamed my trip to central America years ago, the others could find nothing after countless blood, urine and other test. I gave up and remembered what we were taught in herbal school about garlic. I started taking 1/3 raw garlic twice a day and in days I felt better than I had in months! To this day as soon as I start feeling that same way (or get some bug) I start garlic again. I've tried the pills, but they don't contain the active ingredient...I believe its allicin if I remember right. It doesn't matter, they thought they knew everything about ST. John's Wort and isolated one compound to use then realized it didn't work. They later discovered over 300 active compounds! St. John's in another AMAZING anti-viral, but you can not take it if you are taking any meds. I also use it topically as a anti-inflammatory.

Honey is the best band-aid you can get! I'm a bee keeper and I've healed countless cuts (some very large) with honey. Honey even produces its own hydrogen peroxide on your wound. It has to be untreated (unprocessed) as they kill many of the beneficial "things" when they heat it over 110 degrees. Another thing, NEVER use honey from a source where you don't know where it is coming from. It is typical for honey packers in the US to pack honey under their label (honey packing plant in US), BUT be from China. Recent shipments of Chinese honey were discovered to contain over 43 known pesticides and antibiotics! This particular batch was tested by the USDA (which rarely test honey) and was going into Sara Lee baked products for over 8 months!
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How hard is it to start getting some garlic of my own growing?? Seems like a good thing to have around. I'm glad I found this info out. Now I can save more money on meds by replacing them with garlic....I love it!
This is kind of the opposite, but I heard that if you drink alot of green tea before sugery, you will bleed alot.
I have heard that as well, benJAMMIN.
Garlic is really easy to grow. I often plant the stuff from the store or replant when I dig some up. It overwinters well and keeps on growing; even in a zone 2b.
Never heard of it before. Any other natural remedies that have antibiotic properties?
Coconut. Oil and milk and water. Great stuff. The coconut water is a good source of electrolytes. And the lauric acid in the oil and milk is a crazy good anti-microbial: bacterial, viral, and fungal. It can be taken internally or topically (the oil, mostly).

My favorite cold-buster recipe is based on whatever hot chocolate recipe is handy. (I know the sugar isn't good for the immune system, but I don't care for the taste of the coconut otherwise. But anyway...) Replace at least half of the liquid in the hot chocolate with coconut milk. Delish! I was on a business trip just last week when colleague colleague became an incubus of the viral plague. I grabbed a can of coconut milk from the nearest grocery store and some packets of hot chocolate mix from the hotel lobby and started chugging it all down. She's still sick. I didn't even sneeze. :D

Oh and it will last in storage ages longer than the average antibiotic.

(And oh: start slowly with the coconut products. It's all pretty slick through the system, if you know what I mean, and can loosen you up in unpleasant ways until you are accustomed to it...)
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I take garlic everyday. Another good use for garlic is as a anti-inflammatory. Honestly it works wonders on arthritis. Bizzy I'm gonna try that, thanks for the recipe.
I read somewhere that coconut milk was used in WWII when plasma ran out.
And let's not forget one very important aspect of garlic.

It's delicious!!
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