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  1. Lyle

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    Does anybody know how Galveston is shaping up so far after Hurricane Ike?
  2. OldTXCop

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    Things are getting a little better in Galveston. The schools started back this week, so that's a good sign. There's still alot of folks down there without power. It's going to take years for Galveston to recover from Ike.

    Some folks here in Houston are just getting there power back now, so you know it's been a long haul.

  3. Dani 187

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    That is great to hear. How long were the schools closed? Are they going to just carry on the year into the summer now?

    Wow, just now getting their power back. I can't imagine. So sad.

    My best friend of 10 years was born in Sugarland but now lives a little north of Austin.
  4. mogomra

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    There were massive amounts of trees down in Houston so that is what probably made it take so long to restore power.

    I could have sworn on the news I saw pics of galveston with all the beach houses wiped out in some area... I wonder if it's all like that?
  5. Bearman405

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    I watch a lot of CNN up here and for days all we got was pictures, etc of the damage. Now we get nothing. The press sure have short memories.

    I can't imagine what it wud be like to lose one's hold house and belongings. The worst that I have seen around here is lots of snow and -45deg weather.

    Power does go off at times, but as it is expected, we have wood stoves and oil lamps as backup.

    All the best to all in the damage areas..............................
  6. NaeKid

    NaeKid YourAdministrator, eh?

    What part of the Koots do you come from? I grew up in the West Koots and all we got was snow, snow, snow, and more snow all winter. Never saw -45 till I moved to the prairies. I am back home several times a year to ski, hike and bike in the RedMountain region
  7. FNFAL308

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    I think most people living down there on the coast will tell you that losing their house is a risk of living there - it's not if but when.

    Probably every one of them has said in the past "if it happens I'll just rebuild..."

    Even then it's probably a pain when it does happen.

    If it happened every 5 - 10 years no one would live there. But since the last big one was 25 years ago, people tend to forget and they do get to enjoy living on the coast for a while and it is worth it to them.

    Look at Biloxi and hurricane Camille...
  8. Bearman405

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    East shud have been here in the 50s and 60s....every winter it was routine to get 4-5 ft of snow and Jan was always.....cold, cold and more with the seasons changing.........sush and mud..............:mad:
  9. NaeKid

    NaeKid YourAdministrator, eh?

    I would have if I could have - but - my parents didn't even meet till the mid-sixties, and I didn't become a twinkle in my mom's eye till the early 70's ...

    I do have pictures of growing up with snow 24' deep (measured) all around the RedMountain (Rossland). I have been reading that our winters are going to be getting colder and colder and that our winters will become longer and longer and that the snow-falls will reach record levels. Its been said that Canada is probably going to enter a new ice-age - I am getting ready for that!