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Had a great day off . . .:D

Told my Dad that I have been shopping around for what rifle to buy. Told him I was thinking about picking up a .22LR just for shooting, listed a few that I was considering. So, Dad said, "Why don't you come on over and fire a few and see what you like?"
Tool Wood Air gun Shotgun Art

Keep in mind, my dad owns A LOT of guns. Spent some time firing a few different 10/22 variations that he owns (one was kinda cool, had a folding stock, pistol grip, and a suppressor. He said it fits in a briefcase.), a couple of nice bolt-actions . . . and then he broke out the AR15s.:D

Air gun Trigger Wood Machine gun Gun barrel

Definitely liked this one the best, all 'round. .22LR conversion with a suppressor. Lots of fun, very reliable, very cheap. He's gonna order the parts for me so we can build one for me.

Then he brought out the 9mm full auto Sten gun that he owns. Now THAT was fun!:D:D:D


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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