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  1. QuiltedWorm

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    I have 11 sets of these soup can rotators. These hold the soup sized cans, not the vegetable sized cans. One unit is 5 separate bins as pictured. Each slot holds up to 72 lineal inches of cans. So you would have 360 lineal inches of space for cans with one unit.

    $35 each and this includes shipping.
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  2. gypsysue

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    Does this sit on a shelf, attach to a wall...? Looks like a great organizer and great for rotation.

  3. QuiltedWorm

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    They sit on a shelf. They are the exact same ones you see in the grocery store for soup cans. The backs are pretty much open although maybe with some work you could get them to attach to a wall.

    They are great for rotating cans. If you store canned goods, these make storage and rotating a breeze!
  4. QuiltedWorm

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    Down to 7 sets left.
  5. CVORNurse

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    Just got done putting mine together

    If you have any doubts about these..... I like to keep chicken noodle soup, cream of soups for recipes, and cans of rotel. I was able to fit 24 cans of chicken noodle soup into one of the 5 slots- there are 2 tracts in each slot, 15 cans fit in the outer, 9 in the inner.
    It was fairly easy to put together. I put the metal connector pieces in by hand as far as I could. When they were all in, I took my hammer and used the rubberized handle to gently sink them the rest of the way into the holes.
    The only drawback is it is just about half an inch taller than any of my shelves so I had to put it on the very top one, which is harder to reach easily without a stool. Is ok though.
    It was well worth the money and has now freed up some slots in my DH made wall can rotator. So I can clear off more shelf space for other things.