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Discussion in 'General Food and Foraging Discussion' started by Zeek38, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. Zeek38

    Zeek38 Guest

    What kind of oil do you use to fry your foods?
  2. carnut1100

    carnut1100 Well-Known Member

    Usually either Olive oil or Canola oil. If it is something the olive taste will overpower I use canola but otherwise olive by choice.

  3. Bigdog57

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    I avoid Canola Oil, after googling it up - it's one of those things that has it's lovers and haters - depending on whether you believe one side or the other. But after seeing what <doesn't> happen to Canola-based peanut butter (it hasn't changed state, decomoposed or attracted bugs or any other vermin when left out for one year!) - I choose to avoid it.

    So, I use olive oil or corn oil.
    I'm starting to go more 'natural' on many foods. Started late in this, but getting better. Feeling better too.
  4. freefall

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    canola oil is made from pressed rape seed which is poisonous to many mammals, and i understand causes baldness. SO THAT'S WHERE MY HAIR WENT!!!
  5. sunnyD_3

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    Can you use vegatable oil too? Which oil is healiest for you?
    Which oil is cheapest?
  6. lisat

    lisat Well-Known Member

    I use peanut oil. It has a smoke point of 450 degrees. While canola and others have a smoke point of 400 it will burn very quickly and even if you don't see it burn you will taste it. Peanut oil is a neutral tasting oil so the true flavor of the food will come out without the aftertaste. I use mine throughout the camping season by filtering it with cheesecloth, unless I cooked fish or blooming onions.