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    From a guy in Florida:

    My neighbor is a "lefty" of sorts (Obama bumper stickers, gung-ho socialized medicine,

    "guns should be banned", etc.). So this past spring I put this sign up in my yard after one

    of his anti-gun rants at a neighborhood cocktail party. The sign wasn't up more than an hour

    before he called the police and wanted them to make me take down the sign. Fortunately,

    the officer politely informed him that it was not their job to take such action without a court order

    and that he had to file a complaint "downtown" first, which would be reviewed by the city attorney

    to see if it violated any city, county, or state ordinances, which if there was a violation a court order

    would be sent to the offending party (me) to "remove the sign in seven days".

    After several weeks he was informed that the sign was legal (by a quarter of an inch) and there

    was nothing the city could do, which obviously made him madder. I tried to smooth things over

    by inviting him to go shooting with me and my friends at the hunt club but that seemed to make

    him even more angry. I then asked him if he wanted to go to a Tea Party rally but again he

    declined my outreach efforts to bring about a better understanding between political and social opponents.

    I am at a loss how to reconcile our long relationship (notice I did not say friendship), any suggestions

    would be welcome.

    Maybe I'll ask him if he wants to go deer hunting, which opens up November 1st, you know, just a bunch

    of guys running through the woods chasing Bambi, then sitting around the campfire roasting marshmallows,

    drinking beer, and singing our favorite country songs to the accompaniment of Jake's harmonica

    (he is a better lawyer than a harmonica player but don't tell him I told you).

    I even made him a bumper sticker and that made him madder than he already was!

    Anyway, that's life in our neck of the woods, how about yours?

  2. NORTH

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    With that being said, I LOVE THE SIGN!! I would hate to see someone break in to his house and he tries to sue you in civil court for advertising his defencelessness. Or if someone did b&e his place and you happened to be there... he may actually change his tune! Of course I'm not wishing any harm to the sheep... Well at least you KNOW there is a zombie next door to ya. Oh, and did I say I LOVE THE SIGN!!

  3. Jason

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    That's really good. Like that one a lot.
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    Great story, amazing sign. This should be helpful in the "convincing critics discussions" :D


  5. sailaway

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    Gosh Uncle Joe don't stir up to much controversy or you'll be the next city commissioner of our group. Remember, no good deed goes unpunnished!;)
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  6. kogneto

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    shoop da woop


    lol spam emails are fun to send huh
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    You are now my personal Hero:congrat:
  8. Woody

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    I’d like to buy that guy from Florida a beer, or three. Great sign and story, thanks Joe.
  9. greaseman

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    the sign

    sometimes, people just get things right. man did you ever get that one right. Way to go. You also are my new hero.
    I must say though, that all my neighbors around me are armed, and I'll never get the chance to put up a sign as good as the one you have. Way to go sir.
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    AllI can say is WOW!!! You are my hero!!!
  12. robert

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    just another antigun person that wants someone else to take care of his needs. Just remember the police are just minutes away. Alot care happen in just 60 seconds
  13. Bigdog57

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    My neighbors are all sheep, and one is an ex-con living with his aged mother. I take the "Gray man" approach, as I cannot risk letting these folks know I own guns and am a prepper. First couple days of SHTF, and they'd be swamping me. Hate to have to shoot them all....... ;)

    Great sign though! :2thumb: