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G'day folks

i have built a few stirling and built a solar powered one

Parabolic dish heats a seal glass chamber drives the engine and drive the generator, not great output and a cloud will put out the lights but if one was scaked up it should work

but lamina flow engines have a greater torque output for the same input of energy

A Simple Lamina Flow Engine

these are models but there is a bloke here building one with a 4000 CC piston and then he plans to make a 4 cylinder version that he hopes will have the same output as a small ( 10 KvA) genset..

Los alamos national labs (LANL) has a great lab working on lamina flow engines

i built a cone drive solar engine in South Australia some years ago
it was a hybrid design that also heated water during the day which was stored in the cone shaped tank inside the cone plexiglass surround.

worked well..

it was 22 ' tall and 18 wide at the base

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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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