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Got this in an e mail from a friend, fast read it and it seems to have a lot of good information, I'm sure some of you folks who are smarter then me can figure it out

Subject: Freedom Matters / The World Today / Freedom Matters Conference / DOWN ARGENTINE WAY / Missed In the Press
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2010 03:12:49 +0100
From: The Daily Bell <[email protected]>
Reply-To: The Daily Bell <[email protected]>

*Dear Free-Market Thinker,*

To view Freedom Matters online, click here <>.

The World Today

The German people are tiring of funding the sovereign debts of other nations and living with a currency that was forced on them by the European Union. Now the EU appears impotent and unable to solve the problems facing Europe. Almost 60% of the German public want to ditch the euro and return to the deutschmark. Only 32% have anything good to say about the euro, so it appears the tide is finally turning against the European Union. This is a positive development.

The degree of helplessness is even greater across the Pond. The U.S. Congress is deadlocked over tax issues, and whatever budget cuts that might be made will be too little to affect the national debt crisis waiting just over the horizon. It will be messy but also will be a positive. Bankruptcy concentrates the mind.

Julian Assange and WikiLeaks continue to play cat and mouse with the most powerful empire in world history, demonstrating the incompetence of American security and foreign policy elites. Everyone thought WikiLeaks would collapse when Assange went to jail, but it didn't. While there are many opinions and theories about Mr. Assange, this ongoing soap opera shows the limits of state power in a most emphatic way.

In order to help our readers in America and Europe make sense of it all, we're holding our first Freedom Matters Conference here in Switzerland beginning on Thursday, April 29th and concluding on Sunday, May 1st. I hope to see you there.


Anthony Wile
Executive Director
The Foundation for the Advancement of Free-Market Thinking

Make Plans To Attend The Freedom Matters Conference

The Conference (April 29 to May 1) will be your opportunity to visit one of the loveliest spots in Switzerland and meet with like-minded folks, including a roster of outstanding experts on financial topics and the writers, staff, elves and gnomes of The Daily Bell. You'll also meet board members of the sponsoring Foundation for the Advancement of Free-Market Thinking.

The focus of this event will be on principles and practice. Our goal is to deepen your understanding of free market principles and then show you the many options for applying those principles for your own profit and financial safety.

*Conference Topics Include:*

• What the Austrian school of economics reveals about profiting from the failure of Keynesian policies.

• The investment opportunities a government hands you when it replaces gold-backed currency with fiat money.

• How the Internet undermines power elite social themes -- and hurts some industries and helps others.

• Using Switzerland as your own financial strong room.

• The prospects for Europe and America remaining open societies and how to prepare for both the best possible outcome and the worst.

• Why today's savvy investors look to gold, silver and natural resource stocks for global investment diversification.

• The damage that's headed our way from 21st century mercantilism and the unsustainable trade imbalances it causes.

• Learning your way around Swiss financial institutions.

• The threat of sovereign bankruptcy in Europe and North America, and how to prosper when so many others will be losing their wealth.

• Market-based solutions to the deterioration of the dollar that can protect you from threats to your financial security.

• The benefits of limited confederation government, direct democracy and freedom-oriented political solutions to the problems we face today.

• The social foundations of Swiss neutrality and how it can protect you.

Speakers Already Confirmed

*Anthony Wile*, Chairman and CEO of the Swiss-based Appenzeller Business Press AG (ARBP) and senior editor of The Daily Bell.

*Dr. Mark Skousen*, noted author, editor of the Forecasts and Strategies newsletter and producer of the FreedomFest conferences held annually in Las Vegas and the Bahamas.

*Pat Gorman*, president of Resource Consultants, a Phoenix, Arizona wealth advisory firm. He is a prominent hard money expert, asset protection strategist and editor of a monthly newsletter.

*Dr. Antal Fekete*, esteemed author, mathematician, monetary scientist, educator and gold-standard proponent.

*Dr. Richard Ebeling*, professor of economics at Northwood University and author of Austrian Economics and the Political Economy of Freedom. In a 1996 he participated in the recovery of the lost papers of Ludwig von Mises from a long secret KGB archive in Moscow.

*Dr. Tibor Machan*, libertarian philosopher and Professor Emeritus, Department of Philosophy, Auburn University, Alabama.

*Frank Suess*, Chairman of BFI Capital Group, a Swiss financial advisory service helping clients around the world benefit from Swiss insurance and investment management services.

*Shawn Perger*, founding CEO of Foremost Research Group Inc. (Vancouver, Canada) and a 20-year veteran of Vancouver's venture capital market.

*David Morgan*, an Austrian economist and precious metals analyst. He hosts the Silver Investor website and publishes "The Morgan Report."

*Terry Coxon*, author of Keep What You Earn, was for many years a close collaborator with and editor for the late Harry Browne. He is the developer of the innovative Open Opportunity IRA program, a regular contributor to The Casey Report and a consultant on offshore financial planning.

*Ron Holland*, Master of Ceremonies for the Conference, is an author and speaker on investing and retirement planning and a contributing editor to pro-freedom publications and websites.

A treasure trove of financial insight and information from the world's most knowledgeable free market experts is waiting for you at the Freedom Matters Conference.

The conference will be held at the Radisson Hotel <> in St. Gallen, Switzerland, which is a one-hour (exactly one hour -- this is Switzerland) train ride from the Zurich airport. The event begins with a welcome cocktail party on the evening of April 29th. And on May 1 it will adjourn to the nearby town of Appenzell to observe the world-famous Landsgemeinde outdoor political assembly.

This historical event, one of the oldest continuous democratic meetings in the world, has taken place annually since 1294.

The Conference registration fee is USD $595 for an individual and USD $895 for a couple. This includes attendance at all Conference presentations, private meetings with Conference speakers, the welcome cocktail reception and the Saturday night banquet.

Registration for the Conference will open in January. Capacity is limited, but as a subscriber to Freedom Matters, you will receive an early notification.

The rest can be read here IF your still interested...


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Looks like their trying to get the ducks in a row for the big world money crash. I know the meetings have happned like this before but right now, never when so much has gone wrong in the money thang, they will talk about our futures over tea and crumpets, to them what sovrein nations want don,t matter.
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