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Free Audio Book. Should change the World. Are jihadies (Terrorists), just gay muslims, drug dealers, sex offenders, and such.

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So apparently you need a e-book before you can sell a audio book on Amazon. So I am going to release my first audio book for free. So basically full book and copyright notice as 2nd file. Shared from dropbox and now google drive..

Sample Chapter 01 Cultural Differences.mp3 Almost 7MB and a little less than 5 minutes long.

Well I guess this book should change the world. My first try. Trying to make a new like 2nd edition quite different from the first one.

Title: Are jihadies, just gay muslims, drug dealers, sex offenders, and such.mp3. 325 MB size. 3:51:46 Duration.

Copyright.mp3 168KB size. 7 Seconds.
separate download from google drive
Are jihadies, just gay muslims, drug dealers, sex offenders, and such.mp3

Sample Chapter 01 Cultural Differences
Chapter 01 Cultural Differences
Chapter 02 Psychopaths
Chapter 03 Bipolar
Chapter 04 Obsessive Compulsive
Chapter 05 Peeping Toms
Chapter 06 Arab Princes
Chapter 07 The Decadent Western Lifestyle
Chapter 08 The Press Part 1
Chapter 09 The Press Part 2
Chapter 10 Paradise Is Here
Chapter 11 Not Sex
Chapter 12 World Annual Religious Peace Conferences
Chapter 13 Jihadies
Chapter 14 The Taliban
Chapter 15 Types of Muslims
Chapter 16 Gangs Involved in Being Jihadies
Chapter 17 Rats
Chapter 18 Machete Police
Chapter 19 John Wayne Gacy
Chapter 20 The Gay Muslims Made Me Realize
Chapter 21 Being Deceitful
Chapter 22 Muslim Rodents (Acts like a Rat)
Chapter 23 More about Rats
Chapter 24 More about the Press
Chapter 25 Monsters and Demons in Modern Society and In Religion
Chapter 26 Holy Warriors
Chapter 27 Preaching Hatred (They Do)
Copyright Notice
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Not sure right now, if I added this or not, to this audio book.

When you have people whom think of themselves as terrorist (jihadies) in place like NA and Europe. If they get involved in gangs and lets say kill someone. It is considered normal violence and does not fall under anti-terrorism laws. So by pretending not to be terrorist they get away with acts of terrorism. Then anti-terrorism laws do not get used in general against them if people start to think of certain things, as acts of terrorism.
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