Found an arsenal just down the road from me!

Discussion in 'International Current News & Events' started by PamsPride, Feb 8, 2011.

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    It did say there was an undercover operation researching gun trafficking and that no charges were filed. It is pretty frightening and probably a scare tactic to thwart people from stockpiling guns and ammo. Hmm what's next....gun laws? Ooh I bet it's gun laws.

  3. NaeKid

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    Call me crazy, but, only 230 guns? What is the big deal? Between only two of my friends here in Alberta there is probably close to 250 guns for personal-use. A few hundred cases of ammo for the guns, that is nothing to worry about - that is one day's practice ...
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    No charges filed, so, only thing he be guilty of at this point is ownin more guns then some do gooder thinks be right. Wow, police dollars at work there! I like the nearby business idiot, "Thought this was a house of god, but it appears it was a house of guns", what a maroon. The guy runs a shelter fer homeless people, feeds em, gives em some work an this is how yer repaid. Unless there are charges filed, I think everbody involved should be lookin fer a new line a work.
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    Amen Reverend Coot
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    Guilty of exercising his rights under the 2A... yep that'll get them libs panties in a wad... who snitched him out...? one of the folks he fed?... yea the local business fool sounded like he wanted to hit the home owner with his purse..

    I hope he gets them all back in good order and in good shape.. usually the ATF toss's impounded gun in piles ..
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    230 or 2300..if he got them legally..I dont see the beef...except the far left fear of its citizens owning guns..I hope thay give a more solid reason than suspecting him selling the guns..if they dont..just proves to me we are becoming more and more a police state and the cops become nothing more than dogs for the ones that fear the Constitution and the people that believe in it...can you imagine what this country would be like if we the people were not allowed guns ..look at Egypt..274? dead for protesting..personally I think most of those "lifer" politicians would love to take away our gun rights so they can "grind" their heels a little if we got out of line..I fear that day is on the horizon..especially as this administration views the Constitution as a living document..Im guessing that means so they can change it to fit their ways.