Fortune Cookie Wisdom

Discussion in 'General Preparedness Discussion' started by Idaholady, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. Idaholady

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    My hubby and I recently ate out at a little Chinese buffet and were given fortune cookies with our meal. After eating, my hubby opened his and it said something that I can't remember, BUT, you'll never guess what mine said?

    It said: 'THE WISE THING TO DO IS TO PREPARE FOR THE UNEXPECTED.' My hubby is a big DGI fella and he rolled his eyes and said, "'Only you would get that message." Too bad he still doesn't get it.....
  2. goshengirl

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    LOL - love it! (not hubby's response, but the message)

    I have a feeling that folks just won't see what's in front of them, until it happens to them. Even then, I think a lot of folks will forget quickly once things are back to 'normal.' We are so far removed (as a society) of thinking for ourselves and taking care of ourselves - and to do so makes us seem backwards to those who aren't preppers.

    Hang tough with the hubby, and keep prepping for him. There's really no alternative, eh? I'll be doing the same thing with me and mine. ;)

  3. IrritatedWithUS

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  4. SaskDame

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    And hang it in the bathroom.
  5. backlash

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    Fortune cookies are more fun if you add "in bed" to the end. ;)
  6. MrSfstk8d

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    or, if that doesn't fit gramatically, add "naked". Between the two, it almost always works.

    One of my favorites was: "You will be surrounded by freinds and loved ones" in bed.

  7. HozayBuck

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    The night before I was due to open my small business I got one that read.. " The wise man knows everything.....The Shrewd .."Everybody" .. the next morning I had new business cards made up with that on them...