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  1. Concerned_ Citizen

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    Hello all, sorry i have not done this sooner....but anyhow..

    So, 30 years old here, currently living in Ohio with about a 99.99% chance to be moving to Warner Robins mid feb early march.

    Married with One daughter who turned 3 in july.

    8 year AF veteran as an F15 Mech, got out in 2008. Main reasons i left the service was 1. My daughter. 2.With the world events as they are I did not want to be legally bound to any military or govt agency...

    Moved back to ohio in Feb 2008 after living in japan for 4 years.
    Came home, paid upfront 6 months living expenses (rent, insurance, etc) and hit the road. spent about whole summer visiting people, traveling around the country,and enjoying our freedom.....All this without having ANY idea about the economic hardship that was about to befall the country....which is really what got us seriously thinking about self reliance and self support.

    So yeah, i figured I would not have ANY problems finding a good paying job in Ohio after working on lanes for the AF 8 years...ohio's patriotic etc....

    had NO idea what was going on....i mean 4 years in japan, i really wasn't following to closely with events in the US

    My unemployment check ended the day before i started working at my current job........after 3 months of solid job hunting. So yeah it was about to be the welfare line for us, and if things got any worse with everyone ELSE loosing there jobs, we would of been caught with our pants down......well not again

    So yeah, the last 2 years have been spent trying to look for as much acreage as we can for a homestead.....problem is with my current job, although it IS a job and i appreciate it, will not give me the salary to purchase and improve a decent property here in northeast ohio where its the most expensive in the state.....So GA here we come!

    We have in ohio becaome very involved with a local CSA, We are part of UNFI, We are involved in a Cow share for our dairy needs, we whole heartedly believe in supporting local farming whenever possible.......

    Im really pushing my wife to start posting on here. I believe her knowledge of traditional food preparation and maximizing nutritional uptake will be valuable on here......

    anyway, i look fwd to sharing info with all you, hoping to be able to contribute and not just take.........
  2. Jason

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    Concerned Citizen, sounds like you've learned some things the hard way. As with most on this board, it seems when you have a chance to learn you take it, rather than just remain complacent and think someone else will take care of you. That's a big thing.

    We'd all be interested in your wife's food preparation info, but don't push too hard. We don't want to scare her off. :)

    How does a cow share work? Never heard about that before.

  3. UncleJoe

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    :welcome: Share what you know. Ask what you don't. :wave:
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    :wave: Welcome and good luck with your preparations. Take it slow and do what you can. I live on a monthly income, I've learned to pay all the bills at once , then set aside equal amounts of money for each week. With any left over money I put that towards my preparations. It add up faster then you think. Its not been that long ago that I started and I already have a full pantry and several other things set aside.
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    Welcome, both to the forum and back to the States.

    I lived in Northwest Ohio for about three years while my wife was finishing college . . . Ohio seems to be disproportionately well represented on this forum . . .

    Thank you for your service; my dad was AF, and if I'd have had a lick of sense, I would have followed him instead of becoming a puddle pirate.
  6. mosquitomountainman

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    Glad to have you...

    on board. I'm new here myself.