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    I love this one:

    "...inquiring minds are asking why the Pentagon and US Military are actively and aggressively engaged in planning responsive action to large scale economic breakdown and civil unrest scenarios..."

    Thanks, that's interesting information to learn about, but the writer for that site was influenced by a very bad writing style. To actually use 'inquiring minds' in something that isn't facetious, and then to misuse it in context reveals the limitations of this publication.

    What level of stupid must be reached by minds that must inquire as to why the US Military would actively and aggressively engage in planning response action to large scale economic break down and civil unrest scenarios? Well, gee... This is when we're in the midst of the worse economic crisis and ongoing economic decline in multiple generations. If the government wasn't doing training for potential civil unrest, then that would be a story!
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    HoZayBuck I think "they" know things will get worse long before they get better.
    I think for the most part other than having to register our long guns Alberta is a lot more free than most of the US,
    People are so trained to be looked after it is rediculus.