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For the tinkerers and woodworkers amongst us

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Here is a sweet site that has free wood working plans on all sorts of things from furniture to pens to doll houses and weaving looms and cabins.

10,572 Free Woodworking Plans, Free Wood working Projects & Scrollsaw Patterns
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Excellent link. We should put together a link resource somehow. So many good ones being posted on here.
Cool site, I see I can have fun with it... Thanks.
Another Thanks for the link. Got me thinking about building a camper...

As if my to do list isn't long enough... :D
This is a great link!
That IS an incredible resource!

I clicked on building beehives and opened up a treasure chest... -Not only does it have woodworking patterns and plans, but the link there that goes to the North Dakota State University Agriculture Schoolhas plans for just about everything you can use around the farm or homestead... wood, metals, masonry, you name it!

Thank you!

- Basey
Great site, spent a couple hrs. there today. I see lots of future projects.:2thumb:
Thanks for that. I do woodworking for a living but way too lazy to figure out dimensions from time to time lol. Got to get a step stool for my dog made today --he's got shallow hips and this will come real useful.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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