Food Storage as an Investment

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    Fastest Food Inflation Since Riots Means Milk Up 39% (Update1) -

    I've always considered food storage as an investment against rising food prices. Here's an article from Bloomberg concerning the rising prices of rice, sugar, and dry milk (and other food groups). As a typical Western diet is saturated with sugar, dealing with rising food prices will be difficult for most people in my area.

    I just bought grocery store can corn for the first time in 2 years this week. Our crop didn't fare too well, and I wanted to stock up on a few cans for some deer chili. Well a few cans was exactly what I bought! :eek: The store brand can of corn was 86 cents a can, name brand was pushing a dollar. Needless to say, we're using this winter to plan the best place in the garden for different crops and how best to get the stored rainwater to the drier parts of the field.

    I laughed in the past at DH for not keeping up with store prices, but sheesh, this one got me! And got me thinking too... this is exactly why a good crop should be put back for the leaner harvests.
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    I would absolutely agree that a stock of food could be an investment; for the reasons you listed and because there will always be things to trade, because there will always be someone who forgot to stock up on something simple.