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Food Prices

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What does everyone think about the increasing food prices lately? How high can the prices get? Also, it seems like everything has gone up at least 25%... what are your measurements as to how much more expensive things are?
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IMO its only a matter of time before we have more severe food shortages here, in Canada and USA. We have been so used to having more than we can eat...but for a long time now I have thought that its inevitable that we get into shortages. As for food prices going up, its ridiculous, and I dont know what their excuse is now that gas is down, but we do need to be storing food for future use. Food will be the new gold some day...
my plan is to store the basics in buckets lined with mylar bags. plus smaller pkgs of dried foods and some #10 cans. I havent bought those yet, but I have a supply now of rice, powdered milk, oatmeal, barley, flour and pasta. I also bought a dehydrator and am drying veggies and storing them. I am angry that they raise the food prices to get rich on our need for food. but I am very careful now what I buy, no longer waste food or throw it out or buy stupidly...My plan is to store food for myself and my daughter and her family as they arent storing anything...I will have to do it for them.
I have only found 2 sites on the web from Canadian food storage companies.
I havent bought from them yet, but I am planning carefully what I will buy from each one. ONe is, the other is Dri-Harvest Foods - Freeze-Dried and Dehydrated Foods.
Americans have lots of choices where to buy food storage. I envy you all.
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