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    I've also noticed that the prices of some items remain the same while the package size shrinks, ie toothpaste. Cans and bags of vegies are no longer 16oz's. Boxes of chocolates weigh less than a #.:scratch

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    Sailaway? ........ specially at the dollar store, everything is now Chinese size.
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    the smart people who prepped a few yrs ago can make out good now as they can use their prepps save money while waiting for the sales to keep prepped and stock up more
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    High prices will make folks grumble but they won't crap their britches till the shortages really show up. Then and only then will it sink in how much trouble the country is in. Wonder how the media will handle that one. So much denial now how things are headed. :nuts:
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    Right..I have 22 of those little canned hams...bought @ 1.75 or 2.00 and now are 2.75. Saved on luncheon meats and spams, too.
    Lots of foods from 2 years ago are 50% higher...which is why I can't understand the peas, corn, and green beans by Libby's..3/$1!!!:scratch
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    Like this one...I've been stocking on Ramen noodles for about 2 years..usually get the 12 count bag at Aldi's when stocking there...same price most places, but DG has the shrimp flavored...anyhow..

    Last time I went to Aldi's, the stack of Ramen was totally gone, but for 2 or 3 packages of 12's..first time ever I'd seen that...and the stack usually was 5 ft high. Could have been just not stocked, but like most groceries, if it's in storage, it's not getting sold and that's NOT how they run their stores.
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    Looking at how much you saved by buying the little cans of ham (we bought them too!) when they were cheaper, the next logical step is for us to go buy what we can of those Libby's peas, corn, and green beans while they're still 3/$1. I'm sure it won't be long until we're reminiscing about those prices.
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    My local shoprite has little clearance in the back. Every dented can is $25 no matter the name or size and they have other things near expiration. I suck up everything I can use or store. Aldi's had 2# bags of pinto beans for $1.25 or $1.30 last week. That's almost 1/2 price for beans around here. I picked up as much as I could. I would have liked to get more but Santa needs money too.
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    Yep. This has been going on for at least the last year to 18 months here.

    And because of it I can't remember the last time I bought anything that wasn't on sale or clearanced. I can still remember when it wasn't uncommon to be able to pick up canned veggies (any kind, name brand) for 4/$1.00. :cry:
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    The deal is one day they're at that day they're .60 at Kroger and .80 at walmart!!...and my husband went to DG(not for those canned goods, I have 12 cases) and he said the shelves didn't have any veg. canned goods on them...I don't like cold weather, but I am getting out to the $1 aisle at IGA for meds today....

    For about 5 weeks now, LIbby's has been having specials, or the DG has been having these specials...and if you don't catch the exact day...forgetaboutit!!!
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    In some areas of the country, you guys are very fortunate on your canned veggie prices. Even in our Walmart or Costco our prices exceed those listed.

    I wonder if we've got anything here that's higher in other areas.
  13. mdprepper

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    As A Mom... - A Sisterhood of Mommy Patriots is actually having their members track grocery prices each week. They do have some results posted (but I do not know their rules for copying from their site). They are free to join if you are interested in their results.
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    SNT is right. Out here in the west we don't have those cheap stores like Aldi and Save-a-Lot. No Dollar General or Family Dollar.

    Dollar Tree came to our area a year or so ago, but not everything is cheaper than the sales at the regular grocery stores like Smiths and Albertsons.

    SNT, how about dairy? Here, milk is around $2.50/gallon, and I've seen people on here on the forum mention much higher prices. Real butter has been running around $2.50 also, and on sale for $2. Maybe the folks back east are paying more?

    Meat seems higher here than in most parts of the country I've traveled to in the last couple years, but we don't have to buy it, thankfully.
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    I just purchased a gallon of milk for $3.39 at our local Piggly Wiggly,canned veggies on sale for 2/.88 Green Giant brand,Vienna Sausauges 2/1.00.Canned veggies name brand usually run .69 to .89 a can,the Vienna's about .69.The milk is store brand same price for about 6-9 months.
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    I was in Krogers today their brand of peanut butter used to be 10 one # jars for $1.00 ea. Today they were 4 for $5.00. 6.4 oz. tubes of crest used to go on sale for a buck, now that sale size is 4oz.:(
  17. The_Blob

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    usual prices (sales usually save 10%-20%)
    milk: $1.99 gallon
    butter: $1.99 pound
    chicken breasts: $0.99 pound (add $0.60 if boneless/skinless) leg quarters $0.49 pound
    beef roasts or cheap steak can be had for $2.29 pound
    90% lean burger $2.09 pound
    I'm personally a huge fan of liver & onions and at $0.79 pound it is a real bargain
  18. frankd4

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    buy more

    Our small community incorporated we are now buying whole sale and doing group buys to leverage our buying power, it has saved us a lot of money and made it possible to buy lots more.
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    well it's official we went to aldis today eggs went from .78 to 1.48, sugar 1.98 to 2.44 and potatoes 1.69 to 3.08 for 10lbs which is still ok considering the regular stores are getting 6 to 7 dollars for the same thing. Thankfully I bought several bags of potatoes, onions and celery which I dehydrated and stored. I also stocked up on flour (stored in the freezer) and sugar (vaccuum sealed in original package with oxygen absorbers) and many other things. So now I will really have to watch the sales to keep on top of everything.
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    Hi all,
    At my local (20 miles away) grocery store today a gallon of skim milk was 3.58 and a pound of store brand butter was 2.45. DelMonte canned veggies on sale (if you can find a sale) are .79. Chicken breasts on sale usually 3.99+/- per pound. 90% lean burger is almost 4.00 per pound.

    I have family in Idaho. They tell me grocery stores here are really expensive. I've noticed over the last 12-18 months its gotten much worse. I have no hope that this trend will reverse itself.
    Take it easy,