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Flavored Mashed Potato Flakes

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Just wondered if anyone has tested boxed mashed potato flakes, such as you can buy at Wal-Mart--not plain, but the "garlic and herb" flavored, for instance. They have a best-buy date only about a year out, but we were thinking that taken out of the box, put in a bucket with some oxygen absorbers, it might be nice to have some put by, just to have a bit of variety. Most of our food stores are basic, plain, wheat, rice, beans, etc. Of course we have some spices too, but these instant mashed potato packets would be easy for a quick meal.
I realize they wouldn't keep well for 10-20 years, but maybe 3-4 years. Opinions? Experiences?

Thank you!
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We love the Four Cheese mashed potatoes!! The bacon one is really good too!
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