Fischer Woodstove Insert

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  1. J&J

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    Does anyone have any experience with Fischer wood stove inserts? My wife and I are looking at picking up a used one and thought I would ask here for thoughts.

  2. idahofreedom

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    Fisher stoves are great! They will hold a fire a long time and controlled.

    I have a free standing "Mama Bear" stove in my basement and we had one when I was growing up. They are not quite as efficient as the newer catalytic wood stoves built today, but they were a "top of the line" stove in their day.

  3. longjohn

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    Does it have the ability to have a blower? We had a Timberline insert and it was sweet , but due to being a large fireplace we lost a lot of heat.
    this link shows a pic of one like ours, the doors both wide open ,had a screen that fie very snug giving a safe open fireplace feel, i always saved some cherry knots and chunks for Christmas day. The fire would roar and pop and crackle, i can smell the cherry now ( oh sorry got carried away):)..........good luck
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