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I can't imagine for the life of me what mob would target me, my wife, or my house out of all the houses on the block... in the area... in the metropolis... in the state, region, nation, continent... or what circumstances this could possibly occur.

This is an interesting forum. Lots of things to think about. I am trying to bring my professional experience in IT risk management to bear in thinking through these various threats and risks.

It's more effective to understand all the threats and try to focus on the most likely ones (house on fire) versus specific and remote scenarios (mob burning down house or even someone throwing a molotov cocktail through my northermost, second floor window facing the street) and try to find mitigations that are more universal because they offer greater cost/benefit.

Is spending, say, $20k on an exterior fire suppression / fire resistance system really the best money spent? Or are there other threats that are more likely with greater impact? Like burglary. Are there mitigations that will be sufficiently effective? Ie, treat it like a house fire except you call the police and grab guns on the way out...? Or maybe move to a gated community? Or move to a house with a big property and a large wall?

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