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  1. kbamvakais

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    so eventually we will have to go out a scavange for what ever, i figure most groceries, convient stores, homes will be picked clean so i want to gater a list of secondary places to look.

    so please let me and all of use know if you got an idea

    i figure Parking Garages, Self Storage units, pet stores, and thats all i got off the top of my head.
  2. NaeKid

    NaeKid YourAdministrator, eh?

    Scavenging is something that I have thought about, but, I really don't know about a good answer to it.

    I have a moral-level that says that I wouldn't scavenge supplies and then there is self-preservation that says that I would. Personally, I hope that I have purchased sufficient supplies long before crap happens that I will not need to scavenge supplies / materials / food.

    Where would I go? Probably industrial zones where I would find the "throw-aways", warehouses and such that would supply me and those with me the supplies required for long-term life sustaining ability. In warehouses, I would probably be able to set them up as a garden (I know that my work's welding shop is big enough to be a garden easily) and it is loosely tied to the grid (well, tied in the way that the grid supplies electricity, but not water or sewer) ...

  3. SurvivalNut

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    I was just thinking today that auto fuel tanks will be punched and drained pretty quickly. (yeah, I carry a punch and drain kit in my Jeep just in case I need to do just that).

    Anyway, an overlooked resource might be what is in the auto oil pans. Easy to drain.

    I am going to look up uses for used motor oil tonight.

    Used oil burners are an option for heating, but I was thinking more of projects that would sip fuel sparingly with a bigger return in producing another project or energy for such.

    The best salvage isn't what gets you by day to day, but that which sets you up for future production. Let everyone else fight over dog food.

    Also, take note of who has those nice old farm implements growing weeds in the front yard as decorations. They could probably be had for nil in early SHTF.

    If you have food saved for six months or a year, then you have the benefit of going into those buildings or yards looking to the future.

    Someone starving isn't going to a nursery to strip out an above ground irrigation system or stock up on plastic tarpage from a hardware store for rainwater harvesting.

    In my free time I jot down a wish list on 3x5 cards. I then have them available to refer to in the future to keep planning ahead instead of day to day survival issues. I use the same cards as wish lists when I go to Garage Sales. Keeps me on track and building up the right "stuff".

    I like reading JDY's fiction stories. He keeps my mind active in planning "future ops".
  4. SurvivalNut

    SurvivalNut Retired Army

    In a Katrina disaster, I am morally against "finding stuff" because I just don't need short term help, and it's stealing.

    In an apocalyptic scenario, if the owner has passed or deserted it, I feel it is fair game.

    Ownership is ownership. But owners have to be living. And those left behind have a right to live if there are no lawful claimants.

    Also, those of us with cool heads on our shoulders will be called upon, morally, to help others pull their heads out. To do that, we can't just ignore abandoned tools and assets to rebuild production.

    But yeah, I wouldn't shoot someone over something or stuff. Just ain't right. Unless your looking at my stuff, skippy.
  5. UncleJoe

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    Ain't that the truth!!!
  6. kyfarmer

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    That's always a tough call, like stated owner dead open for use. A lot of thing's will not be laying around i think because so many will not be ready, i think they will be used up fast if they are anyone to use them. JDY writing's are a pure pleasure to sit down to and read, very talented. Nope not a family member. :D
  7. TreeMUPKennel

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    Hard call there,:scratch but self preservation is key. I would be worried leaving my safe spot to venture out, have the possibility of comen across bands of lotters and people just out stealing and so on.:eek: With no regard of others and no morals. Stay with like minded folks in groups if out looking for essentials for surviving a situation.
  8. SurvivalNut

    SurvivalNut Retired Army

    After I made my last post, I started reading Jerry's SCAVENGER. I alittle spoiler here, but it clarified my thoughts with a little retraction on my part.

    If someone comes to my door asking for a handout, I am going to help. If they come back tomorrow to steal my food which would cause my starvation, I would exercise deadly force.

    If I had another property somewhere else and had squatters, and I was scavenging too, and it was not necessary to my survival, I'd probably let it go or warn them, but not worth killing over.

    Deadly force is loosely defined, the minimum amount of force necessary to get the job done.

    I am still reading the book, but am not a meanie as my earlier post might have suggested. Driftwood is driftwood. Some items are fair game, some are not.
  9. texican

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    If you have to scavenge, you're not doing something right right now.

    Food, shelter, clothing, water. All of these bases, for now, and later, should be covered.

    If TEOTW arrived, it'd be years before I'd want to wander around 'looking' for things to use.

    I've been told I'm somewhat lucky, in that my homestead is already in place, with unlimited water, and it's own natural gas well (free gas and distillate). If the system failed tomorrow, I'd close the road (backhoe), and secure the 500 gallon oil tanks, methane tanks, antifreeze, etc. at the wellsite. Also shutting the well off from the pipeline.
  10. kbamvakais

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    I dont mean right away but no matter how much we prep and plan if it is an indefinant period of time how can you store enough supplies for 5 maybe 10 years eventually supplies will run out and you will either have to starve or freeze to death,or venture out to find what you need, when i posted the original thread i ment long term, theroy something vital to your survival breaks and you dont have the part you need, then what, or you run out of clean water in a dry season what do you do.
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  11. *Andi

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    I see things in a different light ... (or so I have been told :scratch) I would look to Mother Nature. :flower:

    Food, shelter, clothing, water ... all you need to know is where to look.

    But that is just me ...:D
  12. allen_idaho

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    Geographical location and circumstance would definately come into play in a scavenging situation. I know that most of us are pretty well set up so we don't have to. But let's say, hypothetically, that you were forced into that situation. You lost all of your supplies in one way or another.

    I would probably make a stop at the hospital. While most medications and useful medical supplies would be long gone, there is a good chance that the emergency generator has gone untouched.

    Abandoned cars will most likely have useful batteries, alternators, wires, and uknown amounts of gasoline still in the tank. A good drip pan, screwdriver and hammer will do just fine for emptying the tank. Even if the car ran out of gas, there is probably a good 2-3 gallons still in there.

    I would hit up supermarkets or chain stores for some of the smaller, overlooked items. Like steel wool for use as fire tinder.

    Discarded cans may be built into cheap alcohol stoves fairly easily. The bottom of an aluminum can may also be shined into a fresnel lens so you can start a fire if all else fails.

    There are so many possibilities. But it all depends on your situation.
  13. Jason

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    I was watching some show or another this morning on the DVR from back when the history channel or whatever it was had Armageddon week. I haven't seen the show the whole way through yet but the main characters are trying to get to Idaho and are forced to scavenge for what they need to keep going. One interesting idea was industrial parks and factories for the workers' vending machines. It may be crap food but there's calories there to keep you going in a pinch. Also there's usually bottled water in the pop machines.