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Finding Land

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My buddy and I foresee the hard times ahead and we both agree we need to find some secluded land to build a survival bunker/shelter and begin stocking it up. Our problem is, both of us live in the city (in nebraska) and so finding secluded land for sale where we live has become a HUGE challenge. Most acreages are sold in chunks of 10 or more which means you have to have $50,000 or more to spend. We do not have that kind of money. The most we could come up with would be around $20,000. Finding smaller chunks of land is near impossible, and when we do find it, it goes for way more than $20k.

So far it's looking like the only alternative is bugging out on foot when TSHTF. Any suggestions on helping us find land cheap?????????

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Hey, if the Government wants to pay me to go settle on a piece of land some where out in the middle of no where I am all for it.
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