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    My buddy and I foresee the hard times ahead and we both agree we need to find some secluded land to build a survival bunker/shelter and begin stocking it up. Our problem is, both of us live in the city (in nebraska) and so finding secluded land for sale where we live has become a HUGE challenge. Most acreages are sold in chunks of 10 or more which means you have to have $50,000 or more to spend. We do not have that kind of money. The most we could come up with would be around $20,000. Finding smaller chunks of land is near impossible, and when we do find it, it goes for way more than $20k.

    So far it's looking like the only alternative is bugging out on foot when TSHTF. Any suggestions on helping us find land cheap?????????

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    Land isn't cheap in NEBRASKA?!?! I think we're all doomed. LOL

    Seriously, though. The best thing to do in that situation is to go ahead and buy it IF there is a clause in the deed, stating that you can separate the land. Sell off the rest and maybe you'll make your money back. Kinda like the crack dealer who takes his "pinch" as the middle man ;)

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    I would jump on that kind of price ...

    For me to get 10 acre would cost me closer to $500,000 .. and I was thinking that was fairly reasonable. If I was to purchase a "small" piece of land (under 50 acre) with a mobile-home on it would be taking closer to a million-bux outta my pocket.

    With the huge-drop in land / house prices in this area, I am trying to hold-out for buying something in the $200,000 price-range .. and, I am hoping for a quarter-section.
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    $50 grand for ten acres is dirt cheap compared to prices around where I live. However, I do get the fact that we're not all made of money.

    Perhaps you can ask other people you know if they would like to chip in for part of the cost? Family members and friends might want some land out in the country. If everyone wanted to share the payments would be really cheap and getting credit approved would be no problem. If you could get ten people interested you'd only need 5 thousand each. That's pretty easy for most people to handle.

    If the area goes up in value you can sell it and use the money to buy another undervalued piece of land.
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    Well, if there is anyone from eastern nebraska who wants to join my buddy and I in our survival group, please contact me. I'd love to have another person or two of like mind who could help break up the cost of buying a bugout location! [email protected]
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    To get land for less than $50,000 you have to find land that either lacks road access, lacks access to an electrical utility, or is not buildable. There are some lots of swampland that require a 1 mile overland walk from the nearest dirt road in Northern MN which can be had quite reasonably. Moving up from there if you find someplace that isn't suitable for agriculture and that lacks electricity you may do OK.

    You get what you pay for.
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    In this "buyer's market" you can find a lot of real estate bargains, especially if you make it clear to the seller that you do not have a problem with just walking away from the deal if you don't what they offer.

    of course that's true in any transaction
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    If you're a veteran... some states have a Veteran's Land Board. The land is for veteran purchase, and they help with financing in a big way. My uncle is a USMC vet, and he found 10ac on basically a part-time job budget.
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    I have no problem finding 35 acres for $35k in Colorado. If you're looking for 5 acres, it starts at $5,600 and runs up to $15k depending on what you want. I'd recommend using Zillow or Colorado Horse Property and search away. Park County would be one place to look, but expect harsh winters (but good hunting). Otherwise, the plains of Colorado are amazingly cheap if you get 2-3 hours southeast of Denver. I've seen 1,600 sq. ft. homes on 20 acres going for $85k out there. Most of it is dryland farms, which means no water rights with it, but it's good productive land and wells are rarely deeper than 135'.
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    you could try - Home Foreclosures, Pre-Foreclosures, Bank Foreclosures

    No matter what you may have heard or read, there is no such thing as "free land from the government." There is no federal homesteading program and public land the government finally does sell is sold only at market value.

    Under the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976 (FLMPA), the federal government took over ownership of public lands and abolished all remaining traces of the often-amended Homestead Act of 1862. Specifically, the FLMPA declared that, "the public lands be retained in Federal ownership, unless as a result of the land use planning procedure provided in this Act, it is determined that disposal of a particular parcel will serve the national interest..." :mad:

    Today, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) oversees the use of some 264 million acres of public land, representing about one-eighth of all the land in the United States. In passing the FLMPA, Congress assigned the main duty of the BLM as "the management of the public lands and their various resource values so that they are utilized in the combination that will best meet the present and future needs of the American people." :mad:

    U.S. would seem to have enough land to accommodate that demand easily. America has about 7% of the world's land, but only about 5.6% of its population. Little of the nation's surface is inhabited; nearly three-quarters of the population lives on 1.5% of the land. If all Americans were to move into Texas, the resulting population density would be no greater than England's. If the country seems crowded, it is only because so many of its residents insist on clustering in cities and suburbs.

    The U.S. is not running out of land, but the empty areas are not always available for development. Close to half of the country's 2.3 billion acre surface is still taken up by farm and pasture land. More than one-third of the land is owned by the biggest single holder: the Government. The bulk of this consists of timberlands, national parks, grazing land and military reserves in Alaska and the Far West. :eek:

    Even much of the vacant land is acreage that no one wants to live or build on. Large tracts of fairly cheap land —less, say, than $300 per acre — can still be found in such relatively unpopulated places as northeastern Vermont, Alabama, Oklahoma, Missouri and northern Michigan. There is even some good shorefront land available for less than $5,000 an acre in North Carolina and Washington — though along many other shorelines, houses are jammed wall-to-wall and prices are outrageous. Trouble is, people settle not just where land is cheapest but where there are jobs, schools, hospitals, roads and other amenities.

    To spread those population attractors around, the Government is financing a modestly ambitious 'new-towns effort'. But little significant population redistribution is taking place, because developers like to site their new towns near existing metropolitan areas in order to increase their chances for success. I'm pretty skeptical of the chances for much reshuffling. :(
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    Hey, if the Government wants to pay me to go settle on a piece of land some where out in the middle of no where I am all for it.
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    I reckon we set on a gold mine. Our land was $1000 an acre, good well water,
    a mixed terrain and plenty of deer and wild pig to boot. Wish you good luck finding the land thats is right for you. Just a suggestion, try your county for tax sales or drive around looking for an abandon property. One other thing cash talks around here so you may want to keep that in mind.
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    What is the land like that you can 10 acres for $20k? Is it hilly or forest? I remember driving thru Nebraska and saw lots of plots in/around hwy 80 that had what looked like small lakes or large ponds.

    Once school is finished up my brother and I plan on buying land outside a city a few miles away from where I live now. Plots come up here and there in about the $200k range but you can between 150 - 250 acres. The problem is most the land lacks trees and running water. I found one plot about six months ago that would have been perfect, 147 acres with both flat and hills, with a small river/creek. For only $198k unfortunately timing was just bad : (
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    Look for local bank auctions. Very little advetisements on these but you could find a steal. A 16 area plot near us just sold at auction for $21K. If I had the cash I would have jumped on it myself. Lot's of folks are losing their land that has been in the family for generations. Sad, but true--it's the sign of the times.
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    Location is everything. Man, how true that is.

    You will need about 20% down to buy raw land. Can you muster up that kind of collateral?

    See if you can get a "Co-Op" going. Buy 100 acres, then sell it off as 10 each 10 acre plots, keeping a couple for yourself. Gotta be a market for that! The surveyor will cost a couple thousand, usually do do that kind of job.
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    Most of the acreage here in SE Arkansas is $3500/acre. To me where we live is one of the safest places. We are miles from any large cities and mostly farmers. We only have about 2 acres and grow a nice garden, have lots of fruit trees, 75 chickens and 2 rabbits. The # of rabbits will increase June 8th if all goes well.
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    This is what 9,900 can get you in western ny, comes with a great spring fed pond and spring water to the house. No hopuse when i bought it i built my own..


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    Holy cow, Woodsman - that's fantastic!!!