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  1. Diego2112

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    Alright, so I'm Diego.

    Dont really know what much to say, really. I'm a married man, and have a BEAUTIFUL daughter. She's the main reason I've started looking into survival type tactics, gardening, fishing, hunting etc. In the troubled times we're living in, I want to make sure I can provide for her no matter WHAT. :)

    Now, I guess you want to know ABOUT me... Hrm... What to tell, what to tell?

    I'm between 20 and 30 years old, and have been a bit of an outdoorsman most of my life. Not saying I know alot ABOUT it (I can tell a handfull of local tree/plant types, and know what NOT to eat, that's about it), just that I've spent alot of TIME in it. When I was 12, I joined Civil Air Patrol (CAP), and learned quite a bit about survival and search & rescue. Did two and a half years there, then moved to Africa for about a year. Spent ALOT of time there, without electricity, so I ended up with RL EXPERIENCE to draw on on the ice storms that rocked the region I lived in when I got back. That summer, I'd go to a handful of former Soviet Bloc countries (including Czech Republic) for several months, then returned home. Wasnt long back in the states before I moved to the Middle East, around 12 miles from the Jordanian-Syrain border. I would spend a total of two and a half years in that area, living and learning with the locals.

    After I came home from the Middle East, I ended up messing up my shoulder pretty good (rotator cuff), but never really let it slow me down on the job (I WAS a Loader, now I'm an UNloader! lawl). About a year after my surgury (by a HACK doctor), I married the most beautiful woman in the world (yes, yes, she's better looking than Amy Lee! :D ), and now we have our beautiful daughter.

    So, that's me. I hope that I can learn, and I hope that I can teach. And if not TEACH, well I hope I can at LEAST give some good ideas, ja?

    Anyway, I'll prolly be on and off a few times a week.

    Take Care,
  2. Jason

    Jason I am a little teapot

    Sounds like you could tell some interesting stories. Welcome to the forum.

  3. Diego2112

    Diego2112 Well-Known Member

    lawl You're not wrong, friend... But if I told ya... tee hee hee I keed, I keed! :D by the by, I LOVE your signature! So very VERY true!
  4. UncleJoe

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    :welcome: Share what you know. Ask what you don't. :wave:
  5. bunkerbob

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    WELCOME, :welcome:Diego2112 from a long time preparer. Look forward to your replies and posts.
  6. wolfwhisper

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    welcome Jason:welcome: good to have you here there is alot of good advice here.
  7. gypsysue

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    Welcome to the forum! Sounds like you have a lot to share with us. I'd love to hear more about your living abroad in remote and primitive areas! I'm sure you learned a lot of valuable skills! Your attitude sounds great, too, like you've had fun with life even during hardships.
  8. HarleyRider

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    Welcome to the forum. :wave:

    Don't worry... we're all friends here, and unlike the government we're here to help you. :D:D:D
  9. Sourdough

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    Welcome :wave::wave:
  10. Littlebit

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    :wave: Glad to meet Ya!
  11. tiedami

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    Welcome! Loader and unloader for what?
  12. testhop

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    :wave:welcome glad to have you
  13. Diego2112

    Diego2112 Well-Known Member

    A big box warehouse corperation. Think Home Depot/Lowe's type stores...

    Sorry, a bit paranoid... Remember, just BECAUSE I'm paranoid dont mean they're NOT out to get me! lawl

    Funny thing is, yeah, Sudan was VERY primitive, but the Cellphone system is ABOVE AND BEYOND what we have here in the US! lawl

    But yeah, anyone have ANY questions about Sudan/Middle East places like that, I'd be mroe than happy to answer! :D
  14. hardrock

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    Sounds like good reasons to me! Welcome aboard.