Fighting Over Water

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    BOSTON -- The run on bottled water caused near panic at some stores throughout the Boston area Saturday night.

    At the BJ's in Revere, the crowd got so big and the rush for water so intense that police were called in. In order to maintain control, of an unruly crowd the store was shut down for the night.

    Shortly after residents in Boston received an emergency call warning them of the water crisis, supermarket aisles stocked with water were quickly wiped out.

    "They are fighting over it, literally fighting over water," said a customer at the Roche Bros. in West Roxbury. "I just had to fight my way through the aisles cause it's crazy in there."

    "Not since Blizzard of '78 have I seen something like this," said the store manager. New shipments that arrived were gone within seconds.

    Store Shelves Stripped, Some Fight For Water - Boston News Story - WCVB Boston

    If this type of situation can develop in normal times, imagine what will happen in a longer term event. :eek:
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    Scary ... is it not!:eek:

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    Time to order in more cases of tetra-water packs and such for storage. Maybe purchase a few more water-cooler bottles as well while I am at it.

    BTW: I think that this needs to be in CurrentNews & Events instead of General Prep .. moving
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    I also believe that this is what living in a city will be like, any city. You have lots of folks with nothing or limited supplies, what do you think is going to happen… peace and sharing between strangers? Everyone getting together to hold hands and sing kum by ya (or however it is spelled) while dividing supplies up equally? Yeah, right.

    Those that can take will have and those that are can not will not have.

    As a side note I watched the video, can not listen to it at work. Only the water was depleted, lots of fruit juices and other life sustaining liquids still on the shelf. Heck, even soda is better than nothing!
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    I'd think buying a Burkey water filter set up would be better in this case..but it just shows you that all those prepers are crazy!! it's their fault for hording all the water in the first place.... what we should do is............. :club:
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    Sorry. I was in a hurry this morning. I must have left my brain in the chicken coop when I was out there. :eek: