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What is the best fertilizer that one can use, that is not bought from a store?
I'm tired of paying for over priced crap that does not make a difference in my garden. Also, are all fertilizers the same for every plant?
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Chemical fertilizers, as horseman09 states play a very important role in averting mass starvation. Imagine that your only source of food is purchased from the local Farmer's Market. Quality is excellent and prices are reasonable. Now imagine this is the only food source in a town of fifty thousand people. Demand will outstrip supply and people will go hungry. Production will never meet demand without the use of chemical inputs and more land in agricultural production will be needed to maintain current levels of food. Most preppers, I think, are looking to grow a substantial portion their own food and control the type of inputs put into or not allowed in the soil. As such they are not large scale farmers. In light of this, there is a market and need for both inexpensive and effective organic and non-organic fertilizers. Consider the following. Three month past I spoke to a CEO of a small fertilizer company that in the next year will market organic salmon oil combined with nitrogen. The product though not yet available for market will be sold in the company's local area in bulk 2.5 gallons on request and at a very reasonable price. 2.5 gallons will fertilize one quarter acre. Smaller sizes will be available. At present and in deference to the CEO, and until the fertilizer is available for public sale (I have no financial connections to the company) I am not yet at liberty to to disclose the company name or price. But I want it known that I have used the product and it saved me hundreds of dollars when compared to preparing my soil for planting using other organic inputs. When the fertilizer finally comes available I'll let you know the company name.
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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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