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What is the best fertilizer that one can use, that is not bought from a store?
I'm tired of paying for over priced crap that does not make a difference in my garden. Also, are all fertilizers the same for every plant?
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I used to volunteer with a rural Fire Department years ago, & for fighting structure fires with the hazard of liquid flammables/chemicals, we used something called 'AFFF=Aqueous Film Forming Foam' it's an organic animal-based thick liquid that when mixed with water in a foam generator will make enormous amounts of thick foam. It smells like hell, but it's basically a liquid protein designed to expand and become substantial. It's also a great liquid fertilizer, ''you ever notice that around fire station houses-they always have great gardens'' 'BUT IT HAS!!! TO BE AN ANIMAL-BASED [AFFF] ONLY! NO SYNTHETICS AT ALL!' you could wreck your soil otherwise! They use this around airports a lot, when a crash-landing is imminent they will lay down a blanket of foam for safety reasons. In the industry they call it ''A-Triple F.''
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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