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What is the best fertilizer that one can use, that is not bought from a store?
I'm tired of paying for over priced crap that does not make a difference in my garden. Also, are all fertilizers the same for every plant?
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worm composting is a very good source for not just soil material but the poop tea . One of the best fertilizers for most plants. Compost piles are great soil amendments . Bones can be ground into bone meal. Animal manure and humanure are both fairly easy to comeby, make and use . I dont use any commercial fertilizers on any of the gardens here.

As mentioned above for a good in depth analysis contact you local county extension, then once you know what your soil is lacking we can get more into specifics of organic gardening and use of around the home stuff for making your own amendments. Our extension does samples for 8 bux here.
awesome low down!! Nice to see you here as well:)You will add tons to the site here and i cant wait:)
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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