FEMA-Pineapple Express to hit Washington and Oregon

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  1. SurviveNthrive

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    the Pineapple Express is a weather condition.

    I don't mind the rain,:D but I bet it's getting to some folks here.

    It's been raining like an SOB with a few breaks, for a few days now...we're fortunate in that we picked a great place regarding rain, but for some, and for some reason, they choose areas that get flooded. One interesting thing is when they attempt to fix minor urban flooding in one area, they cause it in another so even if you're here long term, you might be surprised when large puddles or pools form on different streets.

    FEMA: Pineapple Express Promises Wet Weekend For Oregon And Washington

    One good thing about heavy rain, I betcha it cuts down on certain forms of crime.

    No real preps necessary for me...just checked the vehicle out in the rain to make sure the windows are tightly closed and that's it.
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  2. ajsmith

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    It's been kinda quiet here, rained all night but that's nothing new, snowed for about 2 hours late morning. Now it's just a bit of fog, guess we'll get the heavier stuff tonight. Can make for some short power outages if the wind picks up.

  3. SurviveNthrive

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    I just came back from a memorial service. Amazing how much rain can fall.
  4. SurviveNthrive

    SurviveNthrive a dude

    Wind picked up a bit, just out driving this morning. Flashes of something in the distance, just a few times. Lots of rain. Sorta neat. No damage to us or hopefully others.

    I wonder how bad other places are being hit.
  5. PopPop

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    High wind here, 40+ mph, expecting a low of 15 tonight. Every time this happens, someone burns their house down with improvised heating. This is always sad.
  6. SurviveNthrive

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    Wow! That's cold for Georgia. I lived there for a while and I was fortunate it was mild...wet, but mild.

    How come we don't have anyone from the midwest where they're getting hammered coming in and telling us what it's like?

    TIMING! I wrote that, hit the 'save' and saw a post on just that!

    Everytime we get those heavy rains, I'm happy, thinking 'Thank God that's not snow' but I guess in the passes and in Eastern Washington, it often is.
  7. Ponce

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    But remember that soon there will be a tax on the rain that falls in your property.......I kid you not.