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    Has anyone here bought and actually eaten any of the various freeze dried foods on the maket today? I ask because Im thinking about getting some but dont really want to get some and have to use them and find out they taste ..ummm.. not so good..I mean they arent cheap,,the MH from what I gather from talking to ppl are the best but also the most exspensive
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    re: freeze dried food

    I don't know about the taste, but I purchased a bunch today. We figured we will do that and some other food. I Don't really care how it tastes if that's all I have to keep me alive.

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    Mountain House *is* tasty but it is also incredibly salty. So salty that it gives me a pounding headache. The salt could be a good thing after vigorous exercise, such as a day of backpacking, but on an ordinary sedentary day, I'd plan to stretch it out by adding extra noodles or rice to manage that salt.
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    We went to our local sporting goods store & bought 1-2serving pouches of several different entrees & tried them all, then ordered the ones we liked best. We don't keep a lot of freeze dried, but we do keep some.
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    The only stuff I have actually tasted is Auguson Farms brand. Not too shabby ... After I opened that can of strawberries though I got to thinking that maybe I should just take my chances and leave the stuff that is packaged up for 15 years storage alone.

    So ... now I buy (individual components, not the prepackaged meal stuff) and put it back. We eat from our "regular backstock" -- you know stuff from the grocery store and home canned.
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    I like learning how to use the freeze dried stuff so there (hopefully) won't be any surprises in the future. For instance, the peas need longer to rehydrate than directions say, of course you can just eat them out of the can. The green beans are my favorite, raw, rehydrated or cooked in something. Provident Pantry green beans taste like fresh beans.

    Having freeze dried Mountain House meals on hand has come in very handy for us a couple of times. Arrival of 10 or so guests who didn't bring food! Saves the day, instant food and most of it kids will eat as well. Is very salty though if you are used to a diet with reduced salt. You can stretch it with extra noodles (the stroganoff) or rice which feeds more people and reduces the portion levels of salt.

    I use freeze dried vegetables all the time. They can be very cost effective because you don't always need a whole can of beans or peas or whatever. Perfect for soups and stews, just chuck a handful in and you are in business. I also use them to beef up nutrition in things, just add to it if there is plenty of liquid or rehydrate a portion and add it then. The BIG thing, is keep them in an airtight, dry container once they are opened. Those plastic lids a only good for frizbees, they don't really keep the items fresh. I put them in glass jars and vaccum seal them with a pump n seal. They stay very fresh that way.

    The freezedried fruit are a great way to get fruit into grandchildren (and husbands). Like candy in a can.

    So far the freeze dried cheese has been gross - just haven't found any that were good.
    Hubby will not allow any egg products, his dad was an old army cook and said all dried egg products were horrible.
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    Not sure if I can peddle my wares, but eFoods Global eFoods - Home has yummy food. It's not freeze dried, it's dehydrated so keeps a lot more of the nutrients in the food. Did I mention it's really yummy! And you can sample some for the cost of shipping. We eat it regularly and save some for food storage. Not expensive either.
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    Freeze dried vs dehydrated

    There are alternatives to freeze dried. Dehydrated food/meals are easier to store, do not need preservatives or other additives when prepared, and don't need the energy from a freezer to store. And some are very tasty!
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    I know this is a old post but costco . com has thrive freez dryed foods, very good my wife has made complete meals and no one even knew it was all freezdried foods try it i think you wil like it
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    My daughter and I have been trying the two person pouches, so far they are very good, except the ice cream (it was nasty). We haven't tried all yet but we have found some favorites. I don't think there to salty at all. I actually put more salt on what I serve up on my own plate, but then again I really like salt. We will definitely be stocking up on more as funds allow. :cool: