Federal Judge Rules BP not Responsible For Damages From Oil Spill,Tax Payers Are!!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mainstreetamerican, Jun 19, 2011.

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  2. OldCootHillbilly

    OldCootHillbilly Reverend Coot

    I woulda expected no less. Money talks an the common folk gonna get the shaft.

  3. Bigdog57

    Bigdog57 Adventurer at large

    Kinda like claiming because the burglar is no longer hauling stuff out of your house, he is not held at fault for the theft - the homeowner is! This Fed Judge needs his pink slip.......

    Hmmmm..... anybody look at his bank account? Any large deposits from.... say... BP lately? :rolleyes:
  4. Clarice

    Clarice Well-Known Member

    Justice for sale.......
  5. Meerkat

    Meerkat Seeking The Truth

    Nothing unusual about this,they protect each others interest.
  6. Frugal_Farmers

    Frugal_Farmers Good ole country folk

    What are you suggesting here--that BP bought off a Federal Judge?

    Naw, that would never happen. Just ask Admiral Thad Allen, no I mean Mr. Thad Allen, The Gulf Spill incident commander who retired from active duty while on the assignment and took off his uniform and assumed duties as a civil service employee and earning a huge paycheck from BP in his "off-shore" account in the Cayman Island.
  7. Meerkat

    Meerkat Seeking The Truth

    We replaced the God of the Bible with the gods of this world.They took prayer out of schools,put in perversions ,lies and half truths.

    Took the 10 Commandments out of courts and crime rose 5000%.

    Before Rome fell they too had a god for every day of the week.A clash of cultures and bloody violent entertainment.

    The gulf is still full of no telling what kind of chemicals . There are thousands of oil wells still out there .Obomba just gave permits to more foreign drillers.