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I have received some questions several times via PM about the site and how it is run, ways to tweak settings, etc. To make the answers easily accessible I will place the question and the answers in here. If there is a question that needs to be asked, feel free to ask me in a PM and I shall respond in the PM and will update this message with the answers if more than one person asks the question of me.

:bullit: :bullit: :bullit:

Do I need to register to read threads on the forum - There is nothing wrong with lurking (reading without membership or posting). If you are learning something from us, great, you'll be miles/km ahead of the masses. -- UncleJoe

How do I get a pretty picture below my name - If you go into your control-panel settings, one of the options is to upload an Avatar (click here for definition of an avatar). The avatar must be a small graphic, it would be best if the graphic was fairly clear. PreparedSociety does have a few avatar's preloaded if you choose to use them but you don't have to use one if you do not want to.

Why does my user-title keep changing - As you spend time on the forum, reading and posting, the database is updated with that information. After a while the system will automatically change your user-title to something that reflects your time here on the board. If you do not like the system-generated user-title, you are free to choose your own. There are certain words that are not allowed in your usertitle, the system will let you know what they are at the time of you attempted change.

I want to face-to-face with the members here - There are quite a few of us that have had face to face meetings because we've known and become comfortable with each other over a period of time. But you shouldn't expect one of us to open up and say; "sure, come on over, I'll take care of you". We expand our stockpiles and knowledge to better prepare our families for whatever may come down the road. If you want to personally meet like-minded folks, you'll need to expose yourself to the membership, allow us to get to know you and see where it goes. Like any relationship, trust is the key. It's hard to trust someone you know nothing about. -- UncleJoe

I post a message, something flashes on the screen, but then I can't see it afterwards - All new accounts are put on a probationary term while our Artificial Intelligence system learns your posting style. Any posts that have videos, links, quotes or pictures or even special "key words" will automatically be placed in the "possible spam que" by our AI for further review. Administrators and moderators will manually scan the board for the icon beside the thread-title and will decide if the message is truly spam or a valid message. With a simple mouse-click the thread can be approved for viewing and will be visible right away.

This system is setup to protect the board and its members from spam-bots trying to get you to buy shoes, viagra or membership to beastiality porn sites, as such, it may also tag valid messages.

I am a preacher / politician, am I still welcome here - Yes. I don't care what your religion, background or occupation is. The rule against political and religious discussion is due to the fact that it can split a board quickly and create a hostile environment among the members. This board is for people to share ideas, learn and help each other. We can't have that happen if everyone is biting at each other's throats.

I will not ban you from the board if you are a respectful member - I will ban you if you are just a shit-disturber and have nothing of quality to share.

Can I swear here - Yes, to a point. I have some words that I feel should not be used on a public forum. These words are normally censor'd out of local newspapers as well. Please just type the word and if the system recognizes it as censored, it will automagically replace the word with ****** (stars or asterisk or the famous "squishy bug"). Please understand that the majority of us are adults and can handle the "bad words", but this forum is viewable from virtually any computer connected to the 'net and we would prefer to be thought of as professional, not hacks.

I am just learning about prepping, am I welcome here - Yes, again all are welcome till they wear out the welcome mat. I will not ban you without warnings given, please take the warnings as such and work within the rules and guidelines of the board.

How do I post a message in the vendor section? - The vendor section is there for our advertisers to share their products with you. To gain access to posting in the vendor-section, please click this link:

How do I get access to the Politics or Religious sections? - There are several sections that are closed to average members, including the Politics and Religion sections. Access to those sections will be granted to members in good standing only who specifically request access via PM. A member in good standing is someone who has an account that has not had any reported posts in any of the other sections, has been on the forum for at least a month and has a decent post-count where their posts are automatically approved by our forum AI (Artificial Intelligence). If you are here only to spout nonsense-messages in the Political or Religious sections, please save us the hassle and go away now.

What does it really mean by being a "Member in good standing"? - What that means is that you have been posting regularly, not just lurking for a month, and that the posts are informative to the general forum members, not posts that are padding the counter (meaning, you don't just write "I agree" and then hit the submit button) ... and being in good-standing means that you are not pissing off the general membership by being trollish.

Why does this site have few or no mall-ninjas? - Mall Ninja's are not welcome here. Posting only drivel about firearms will get accounts cancelled. In our family of forums, our sister-site welcomes all the MallNinja's in the world, go to or or if you want to discuss general firearms, tactical equipment and such. Other sites that you might be interested in talking guns and firearms are at where all things Glock are discussed or The ultimate MallNinja story is at - I hope you will understand why they are not welcome here.

I like guns and talking about guns. Why can't I talk about guns here? - Please read the above answer about other sites that are built to talk about guns. PreparedSociety is dedicated to the preservation of the human species through animal husbandry, gardening, farming, cooking, canning, dehydrating and similar homesteading topics. Yes, guns do have a place in the PreparedSociety forum, but, we would prefer that the gun-talk be kept in discussions about hunting, reloading of ammo and care of the tools that they are.

mosquitomountainman said:
A lot of prepping takes no money at all. Learn all you can in both knowledge and skills. Especially those that will serve you well in the future. Use the internet and library and it won't cost you a thing. Take advantage of any free training available. Work on building up a network of like minded people for mutual suppport and sharing of skills. Learn how to fish, hunt, trap and forage. Work on primitive survival skills. Tom Brown has survival skill books for both city and country. Check them out from the library if you can't find any otherwise.

We've been through this numeroous times in the past and will survive this. We will survive!
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