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    Hi I have several family milk cows for sale right now, I have an older Jersey/Holstein cross bred around 5 months, and a Brown Swiss heifer that is due to calve any day now. I also have a beautiful Red Holstein/Brown Swiss heifer that was bred to a Brown Swiss Bull. She should calve in 3 or 4 Months. She is very gentle, I have been working with her and you will be able to start milking as soon as she freshens without a stanchion. I have also started halter training her and she is responding wonderfully. She holds very still while eating and will come whether you have food or not. This heifer has a wonderful, calm disposition that will make her a perfect family milker. I will sell one or all, make me an offer. I can haul them to you if you need me to. Call Kyle at 606-787-1816 Thanks
    See link for pics
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    Sorry bout the link, I sold them and deleted it, Kyle