Eye of the Storm

Discussion in 'Politics' started by UncleJoe, Feb 1, 2010.

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    I found this at Shenandoah. I thought it summed up our situation pretty well.

    The absurd behavior of our leaders and their minions is about to bring onshore a nasty second wave of the storm that I warned about last summer, you remember right? The one titled “Welcome to the Eye of the Storm” that I wrote about last summer? Here is the latest satellite photo showing the position of the average American citizen in the Great Hurricane of the 2000’s and where we are located now:


    Assuming the world’s magnetic poles have not flipped and that hurricanes like the Category 5 Wilma (or Bernanke, your choice) pictured above still move towards the Northeast in general, we are screwed. The storm wobbled, we’re in the eye wall and our leaders are telling us to ignore the rain and wind and go shopping and hire more people.

    Hang on. It's going to be a rough ride.
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    :gaah: I hate cat 5 storms ... not that I like a cat 3 or 4 any better.

    Your right it summed up our situation pretty well.