Estate sales and old tools

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    A couple of years ago I went to an estate sale, and was lucky to be one of the first there, the old Gent who had gone on to a better place left his tools!! I bought a Brace and all the bits he had, still like new, well cared for! bits from over an inch down to a 1/2.. along with a lot of old Ford pipe wrench's , well a 5 gal bucket full of that kind of stuff..$5.00 !! I spent 35 bucks there and my truck was full, some was boxes full of "stuff" that I just glanced at and they too turned out treasures... won't go into it but I think I figured out that an Estate sale is better then a garage sale...

    The shops and garages of old timers will have tools and things that aren't really available today...or are at big modern prices...

    People never fail to amaze me , a friend took his garbage to the dump and in the area by the gate where people set out stuff that others might find a use for he saw an old time carpenters tool box, wood, long enough for the longer tools, he thought waht the hell I take it, pulled over and it was ffull!! somebody had died and the kids didn't want the had all his saws hammers , every thing to build a house the old fashion way... blew my mind!! even an old style plumb bob...

    when the SHTF, those old tools will be damn important!!!
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    My Dad died recently. As everyone is going through his garage and basement, they just bypass all the "old fashioned" stuff and say no one wants any of this JUNK. I just let them go and save all the "junk" that no one else wanted! Pressure canner, dehydraters, hand tools, reloading equipment, they think I am crazy!!!

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    We've been going to estate sales and auctions for a couple years now. We especially like the ones at farms. I have a couple walk behind plows and cultivators that I got from farm auctions for next to nothing. Lots of old hand tools, canning jars, animal feeders, fencing; all for pennies because no one else was interested in that "old junk".

    I posted this somewhere else but I'll do it again because it's such a great resource. Auction Zip - Live Auction Locator - Find Auctions Anywhere!
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    Most of that would be gone if I was there.:cool: