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  1. Concerned_ Citizen

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    So im planning on purchasing some guns.....I currently do not own one nor have ever owned one......i have been around guns but the only "real" training i have ever received was the basic M16 training and 9 mil training i received in the AirForce.....not much.

    So this is the idea i have....

    1 high powered rifle for hunting deer / pigs - basic caliber, nothing fancy

    1 shotgun - also for hunting and home defense

    1 good handgun to keep in the house - also for defense

    1 9 mil for a possible future concealed weapon permit for the car or similar

    does this sound reasonable?

    I also plan on taking some basic weapons training and build on that with some specialty training.

    Oh, and i successfully registered for the firearm forum linked from this forum to do some research but it will not let me log in?
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    What errors is it giving you? Pm me I can help you out.

  3. Turtle

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    Sounds like a good list.

    I have a 12ga shotgun and a .38 revolver right now; I plan to pick up either a glock or another Sig like I used to have when I was in law enforcement, and my dad is ordering parts to build me an AR15. I would also like to pick up a little 22lr rifle for small hunting duties.

    I would suggest picking up a revolver just for ultimate reliability, and an AR15 can serve well for both hunting and defense. If I could only own one weapon, it would probably be an AR.
  4. pdx210

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    Don't forget 22 rifle and pistols these are great from small game, varmints. much quieter than center fire guns and ammo is much cheaper.

    I've got most major calibers covered 22, 380, 38,357,9mm, 45, 223,7.62x39, 308, 30-06, 30-30, 300 win mag, 12 gauge,
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  5. mosquitomountainman

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    The recommendations I gave my son-in-law when he got started was first purchase a 22 (recommended the Ruger 10/22) rifle and 1,000 rounds of ammo. Next a 12 gauge shotgun and 250 rounds of ammo with at least 50 of it in slugs and another 50 in buckshot. Next a 22 handgun. After those initial purchases I recommended an "assault rifle" and 1,000 rounds of ammo. Next a hunting rifle (and 200 rounds of ammo) if the assault rifle didn't double as a hunting rifle or a centerfire handgun of his choice with at least 500 rounds of ammo. Now he just needs to learn how to use them effectively (too much TV and movies!).

    The important thing is to have lots of ammo. If you don't have ammo go with a baseball bat and machete. They make better close range weapons than an empty gun.
  6. Turtle

    Turtle Well-Known Member

    I actually wasn't too impressed with the Ruger 10/22 . . . I fired a few at my dad's house the other day, and they jammed more than I expected, and he said that that has been his experience with them over the years. I much preferred the bolt-action 22lr that he had.
  7. pdx210

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  8. UncleJoe

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    Agreed. :2thumb: Never overlook the versatility of a .22. Once you become proficient with it, not only can you take small game, it has the capability of bringing down a deer, coyote, or other large critters. ;) We have 3. Two rifles, a handgun, and thousands of rounds. I wouldn't want to be without them. :)
  9. mosquitomountainman

    mosquitomountainman I invented the internet. :rofl:

    My 10/22 has worked great with all kinds of ammo. Being a semi-auto with a blowback action it gets dirty fast and must be kept clean. The rifle I use most is a lever action 22. It's much cleaner to shoot.

    The main advantage of a semi-auto for defense is that if you're firing from concealment it takes a couple fo shots with a semi-auto before anyone can get a good fix on your location. With a bolt or lever or any other type of action there is a shot then the sound of the action being worked. Plus a good functioning semi-auto is better for the un-initiated when they're under stress. I've seen hunters completely empty a magazine without firing a shot just from buck-fever. In the stress of combat the less a person has to think about the better off they are. A semi-auto is faster when you need to shoot several targets in a hurry. Especially for the inexperienced. If it wasn't for these reasons I wouldn't own an autoloading rifle.

    If you own one and want it to function reliably it must be cleaned regularly.
  10. mdprepper

    mdprepper I sold my soul to The_Blob. He had candy...

    My Dad bought us girls a 22 rifle when I was 5 years old (he cut 4" of the stock so I could use it). I still have it. Yes, Dad is a bit extreme when it comes to weapons (avid hunter and collector). A great weapon to start with for hunting small game.

    In my area, there is a gun shop with a shooting range. They will let you rent a weapon so you can fire them to see if you like it/can handle it. A shot gun with a kick that knocks you on your hindend will not do you any good in a defense situation. Perhaps you can see if there is something like that in your area.
  11. kyfarmer

    kyfarmer Well-Known Member

    A1 on the 22 calb. a must have, i,ve 6 laying around and a little ammo for them. I would advise any one without a firearm to pick one or two up now and ammo 1000 rounds min. per gun. One rifle and pistol anyway. Easy to load and shoot. Much better than a rock or a sharp stick.
  12. Jerry D Young

    Jerry D Young Well-Known Member

    Your list is reasonable. I expect to have to defend myself in the event of a TEOCAWKI event.

    This is my basic set of weapons:

    PTR-91 .308 semi-auto MBR for short, medium, and long range defense & back up for hunting. Also Homeland Defense duties.

    Remington 11-87 12 gauge semi-auto shotgun for short range self defense & for hunting.

    Glock 21SF .45 ACP semi-auto handgun for last ditch defense. Also for Homeland Defense duties.

    Glock 30SF .45 ACP semi-auto handgun as back up for 21SF

    Beretta Tomcat .32 ACP semi-auto handgun as hideout gun

    Have the above. Intend to add:

    H&R/NEF .30-'06 Handi-rifle single shot rifle w/.32 ACP adapters for hunting large, medium, and small game, and medium range sniping

    A couple Auto-Ordnance .30 M1 Carbines for hand out guns for non shooters for short rang defense

    Remington 798 .375 H&H bolt action rifle for large dangerous game and anti-material sniping.

    Your choices will be different, of course. These are just my thoughts and ideas for you to consider.
  13. pdx210

    pdx210 Well-Known Member

    the 10/22 was the first gun i owned ..still have it. when it was new it did have feed problems i'm not sure if it was the gun or the after market banana mag that was the problem. after i ditched the mag and 1k or so rounds through the gun feed problems where resolved
  14. youpock

    youpock Well-Known Member

    just my .02

    a. is there a mrs? you might want her to have a handgun as well

    b. if you are planning on using the shotgun for home defense and hunting you can get two barrels and go back and forth but shotguns themselves are pretty inexpensive, might be easier to just get two - one with a short barrel and high rd cap and one with a longer barrel for accuracy
  15. Concerned_ Citizen

    Concerned_ Citizen Well-Known Member


    A. Yes there is a Mrs.......def will be getting her one.

    B. someone else was telling me the same. I will be getting prob a cpl shotguns....i do not have alot of cash to get all this at once so i will be systematicly purchasing these One at a time so will be buying in order of practicality.....rifle, 9 mil, shotgun, sec handgun, second shotgun, sec handgun (prob 357 revolver)......
  16. kyfarmer

    kyfarmer Well-Known Member

    Wanted ta give a cograt's on the story the other day. Enjoyed the read. :congrat: I like that list ya put on it's well balanced and should serve ya well. For me i will say i know what a AK,SKS,30-06,30-30, 22,9mm,38,20ga,12ga,410 are they are very familiar to me. :D
  17. HozayBuck

    HozayBuck Well-Known Member

    Hi CC
    I've been at this thing for most of my life, I spent way to much time and money on guns...:D.. one thing about prepping is your never to just live the life style instead of "planning" to live it...

    Guns...I will say "IMHO" based on using Ruger 10-22's since they cost $25.00 bucks, which was Loooooong ago, they are without a doubt the finest 22 auto ever made.. they will function without long as you shoot good quality ammo... now the big name ammo sold in WM is not top quality, sometimes it won't fire on first strike, it will if you turn it to a different area and hit it again...that could get you killed...BUT, with CCI Mini Mag 22 lr they will function every time as long as you keep them lubed and clean... the big box store ammo is just not reliable every time...BUT it's cheap and great for practice and hunting ...for defense stock away 1000 or more CCI's best insurance there is...also the only hi cap 22 mags that ever worked for me are the Butler Creek mags, I have 6 that go back to the first year of production, they still work just fine...I've never tried to clean them because they are rather a PITA to take apart , I only tried once...bad things man... The 10-22 is a poor mans AR and will take down Zombies just fine.. some will say the 22 isn't a good defense round, I say look at the old news tapes of Hinkley's attempt on Regan, 5 shots I think it was with a 22 revolver, 5 hits I believe, and all went down.. none died, but they were down and could have been finished off with ease... now think about 25 of those things going down range...see what I mean?... 2, 10-22 rugers, 10 high cap mags, and 20,000 rounds of ammo ( cheaper stuff) will be about the cost of a good AR-15 with no extra mags or ammo... depending on prices at time..

    A good shotgun is hard to beat, get a Rem 870 or a mossy ( pumps are much more reliable then autos... get 12 ga.. unless your a bird hunter I would only stock pile buck shot and slugs.. I like # 1 buck for many reason, all learned thru many years of shooting all the different loads.. for survival hunting I don't look at the shotgun as a meat gun simply because shooting a duck costs a shell for little return, a well places 22 round will kill the duck with way less noise ..**Exception...slugs will drop a moose or deer very well!

    for somebody just starting out a hand gun is not the best first choice..later on yes, I like the Ruger 22 autos, revolvers in 22 get so dirty so fast that most need cleaning after a few least all 4 of the smiths I've owned did.. autos reload much faster in a stress situation.. but unless your going to pack a CCW 24/7 you don't really "NEED" anything else right away, later after the bug has bitten and it will !! and after you've got the other stuff then go for a good handgun...

    I'd say even tho I don't own one anymore get a 9mm, Glocks are good, and priced good, there are others but the glock is pretty goof proof... I prefer the 1911 style in 45... but I've carried a 45 almost all my life..

    A good bolt gun can get meat but so can a decent auto.. the most fool proof and reliable one made is the AK 47... cheaper then an AR and will keep on ticking regardless... mags are cheap, ammo is cheap and it has plenty of power to kill deer etc... cheap ammo means you can afford to can not shoot too much.... practice is everything...

    Sorry, this is way more then you asked for but it's the only way I know to say it... just saying buy this isn't good enough, why to buy it is better...

    Remember, the winner in a fight gets to keep the spoils.. the looser gets to supply the winner... one well placed 22 lr is worth 30 223's sprayed over the area..
  18. 101airborne

    101airborne Well-Known Member

    Good list also consider "multi use" weapons I have a 870 that has the standard hunting barrel as well as the slug barrel you can change them in a couple of minutes. i also have a stag arms M4 in .223/5.56 that changes to a .22 in less than 2 minutes by simply changing the bolt and magazine.
  19. Jaspar

    Jaspar Well-Known Member

    12 gauge
    20 gauge
    22 rifle
    22 revolver

    Father in law has about every gun you could legally imagine. :2thumb:
  20. Expeditioner

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