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Hey all,
How would you like to increase your fuel efficiency by 400%? These days, and in even harder times more attention may be given to rumors about gas vapor automobiles, lawn mowers and generators.

Tom Ogle, a young man in his 20's had invented a device that one could connect to their car and increase the performance and mpg by 1000%, or 10 times in the 1970's.
He had stumbled upon this thought when he had knocked a hole in his lawnmower's fuel tank. Out of curiosity, he then stuck a hose from the gas tank to the carburetor inlet and was amazed that it kept running but wasn't using any noticeable fuel. Soon after perfecting his invention,

he sold his device for 25 million and six months later died. No one heard of the device again. A little creepy, I'd say.

Some engineers say that if one only knew the simple high school rules of physics, they one would know that it is not possible to increase the energy from something that the maximum amount of energy is already being obtained. Well, I will honestly admit that I didn't take physics in high school but I do see people who are actually getting more from the gallon than the usual automobile does, a lot more by using other methods than the fuel injector or carburetor. Besides, talk about physics, isn't it the job of a catalytic converter to destroy all the fuel that the engine doesn't use when it is detonated in the engine? Doesn't that mean that there is still fuel that isn't being used, just being wasted? Possibly, it is only a crazy theory to some, but looking around on the web it is a reality to others.

I got an interesting link on Facebook;), yeah, that's right. Anyway, it shows a pretty convincing video of a man who had decided to give it a try. He called his method the 'hillbilly way'.

He hooked his engine up to a gas can with three hoses running out of the can and into the air filter which would push air into the gas can from two hoses and create the vapor that in turn would get pushed over the intake from the other hose and his car began to run. Although this is a crude and unstable setup, he was able to run an engine.

An even better example was invented by a fellow named John Weston. He has built a similar setup called the Air Vapor Flow System or AVFS.
He did a more sophisticated job and claims to have received the equivalent of 918 mpg using Coleman camping fuel and 463 on gasoline vapors. He also has created a switch from a lamp cord, to pump fuel into his can while driving, 4 ounces at a time by flipping the switch 15 times. He claims that he can go 14.8 miles on this amount of fuel. The drawback is that you have to keep the fuel at a certain level in the gas can or it will either run too rich or too lean.

In this image, you can see that some hoses from the engine's air intake housing are run to the top of the white gas tank so that the engine draws in vapors from above the level of the liquid gasoline. The reporter who rode with John, stated that the car actually performed as he said and that it even was running at 80 mph on the road like all the other cars.

His generator, which normally ran for 3.5 hours on a tank, ran for 14 hours on the same amount of fuel using the AVFS method. He hopes to get a patent for his system and to get some help to perfect the method as he doesn't have the finances that he needs.

Others have created similar inventions, like the heated fuel in a super carb system that was mysteriously abandoned, a water-fueled device, which was patented also. The inventor of that one died soon after like Mr. Ogle.

The Hillbilly model just might be the ticket to making our fuel last longer if we run into harder times. Maybe it's something that can be accessed without having to wait for corporations to make it available. Maybe John Weston would be better off selling this one under the table.
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