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    Here is a documentary produced by the National Inflation Association(NIA) and just released Halloween night. It's a 1.25 hour video so set aside some time because it's well worth watching. If you can make the time, watch the one titled Meltup(55 min.) produced back in May.
    After you've seen them you're going to want to step up your preps.

    National Inflation Association
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    that's nice that they have all of those on one site rather than having to chase them all down throughout teh internetz, thanx

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    It would take hours to download. A summery please.
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    If no one else does, I'll try to put something together. Just not tonight. It's been a long day.
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    Hozay said it.

    It's been a few weeks since I watched it, but they look at the price of food rising, and follow several cases of government nitpicking. Like a personal blog with a few ads that was charged a tax which came to twice the blogs annual earnings. Raids on natural food outlets and a bill that may make growing your own food illegal. People who had only put out fliers being chased down to buy a business license. A "helpful" sheriff's office that locked a man's doors and left a flier saying having them unlocked was dangerous. They touched a lot on big companies with lobbyists writing the bills, driving out small, local productions.

    It was worth watching - can you download it at night? As usual, no message of what to do. Even though Hozay's sounds the best.