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  1. DJgang

    DJgang I put SAs on IGNORE!

    how does one get emotionally prepared for a disaster?

    If EVERYONE in the world is in the same boat when SHTF, will it be easier?

    I am comparing this to my recent experience.

    Losing a business has been hard, what's been harder is .... Watching everyone else just getting life back to normal, and I am still looking at our living on the ground.

    So it's has me thinking ... How can we prepare emotionally for this ...

    I really don't know what I am wanting to talk about...I am not wanting to talk about myself at all ... Maybe if anyone has experienced any moments, can you share?

  2. Tirediron

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    The nessicary mind set to put yourself in during/after SHTF is to look at the positives, sometime this is hard but it will keep you together until things are more stable. It sound kind of new age,bible thumping or what ever but counting your blessings and using a disaster as a learning tool can help.

  3. nj_m715

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    Run through the "what if's" in your head. You can't think of everything, but thing about some of the worst things and have an idea what you could do about it. No power for a few days, mugger jumps out of a shadow, house burned down, lost a loved one, lost a job etc. Like an athlete running through his plays in his minds eye before the game. It can help you to keep from getting caught flat footed.
  4. BillM

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    You can only fear somthing that hasen't happened yet. Once it actually happens , it isn't scary and more.
  5. OldCootHillbilly

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    Prepare fer the worst an hope fer the best. After a disaster ya need ta stand up, pull up the bootstraps an get ta findin what ya got left an ta work with. Then ya take that an start gettin life back ta normal as much as ya can.

    Is it/will it be easy? No, but yer alive, now get on livin.
  6. Immolatus

    Immolatus Just getting started. Always.

    Keep a positive attitude.
    Know that prepping is doing good for you and yours.
    Dont watch the news, especially real news.
    Love your family.
    Every day is precious.
    He who is rich, knows he has enough.
  7. Frugal_Farmers

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    Considering what you just went though, I would say that you are now much more emotionally prepared than most other folks. You have a small sample of the emotions you will encounter during and after any larger scale crisis.

    We have found the best way to prepare for challenging times is to subject ourselves to less than desireable conditions periodically. By doing without comform items, we recognize the things that create stress in our lifes.

    Manay times, our modern world evolves around material possesions and conveniences. When these disappear or we do without them, this creates a stressful time. Recognize these stressors and recognize what your real needs are.
  8. Jimmy24

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    DJ, it will take a while, but it will get better.

    We thought and still do sometimes that things will never get back to normal. Lost a lot in Katrina. I do know some of what your feeling.

    When help is offered, take it. It's ok.

  9. mosquitomountainman

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    The best way is to be prepared ahead of time but even then life can get you down.

    I often employ two methods to change my outlook on life. First, I think of how things could be a lot worse. I've read many accounts of holocaust survivors. In my opinion they've faced the worst things anyone could ever experience on this earth. For most, there was no end in sight so they had to survive one day at a time without knowing if rescue would ever come or, if it did, when. But looking at life as not as bad as it could be is still a negative and negative thoughts will only maintain your present position and feelings.

    The second method? Once I've seen how bad things could be shows me some of what I have to be thankful for now. I keep adding to the list. Dwell on the positives. Do something kind for someone else.

    Just remember, as long as you are breathing there's hope. Never forget that. Be thankful for today. Tomorrow is but a promise. If today is the last day of your life do you really want to waste it feeling depressed?

    God loves you. He always has and He always will.

    :soapbox2: Time to get off my soapbox now.
  10. Centraltn

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    Honey, if you can be prepared for most stuff, then when stuff happens, you are ready for it. It makes the emotional part of it easier if you are. There is no way to emotionally prepare other than that. The distruction you seee around you- what you and your neighbors are going through is a horrid thing, but there are other thengs that are downright unthinkable. Jump in and do what you can for you and yours, do what you can for those neighbors that are affected. Work, help, do. It will ease the emotional part of it over time.. MOSTLY take this opportunity to learn. Learn from your own problems aas well as from those problems of neighbors and friends. Don't be afraid to cry when ya feel the need either. It does help
  11. ZoomZoom

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    If I may expound on what others have said, use your current situation as well as generate some drills for yourself (simulating potential disasters) and use them as experience. It's a great teacher and it should help quell some bad emotions since you've been through them and know what to do as well as expect.
  12. Clarice

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    These sayings have gotten me thru some really rough times. "God cannot give you the gifts He has for you until your hands are empty", "God never closes one door without opening another".
  13. Davo45

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    Amen. Well said Clarice.
  14. Kai22

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    My father always says something like this... that you don't need to worry until you know exactly what it is you need to worry about. Because what you think is going to happen, usually isn't what ends up happening. Every time I have a worry-fit I call him and he tells me this. He's never been wrong yet. My imagination can tend to overtake reality sometimes... :ignore:

    I also agree with what Centraltn had to say. Make sure you are prepared for what you can be - you'll have the tools to get through it. As long as you have the physical tools, emotionally, you will figure it out. Our brains have a way of setting to the task at hand and shoving the hysteria to the back of our brain.

    and always be thankful for what you do have. :)
  15. 101airborne

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    dana, I think mindset moet definately has a very large part to do with if and how you survive a disaster. Some mental preperation is natural in everyone. That primative genetic thing that is ingrained in each and every one of our base DNA. Unfortionattly generations of "civilized" living has breed it out of most of us. With a bit of "re-training" we can re condition ourselves to that instinct. Some of us are lucky enough to have had the military training to build that instinct and hone it like one does to put a razor edge on a good knife.

    Losing a business is tough. But look at it like this, You survived it and like the old saying goes. "That which does'nt destroy us makes us stronger.
  16. DJgang

    DJgang I put SAs on IGNORE!

    well, I am shocked at the replies...well, not really, you all are such a great bunch!

    I am going to read them all very, very soon and digest. I must be honest, I have cried all day. It's about time to get away from the TV.
    I spent today trying to get back to normal...I really enjoyed things more with no power and in survival mode...maybe I am grieving.

    But not about me ...

    I do think that while one spends time prepping, one should also spend some time playing...playing survivor...get that Dutch oven out and cook, solar oven out and cook, use only items in storage, turn off the lights...

    although we do a lot of camping in our pop up, I could see where we could use some more time in this area, make the kids think we are just playing.

    I've got to come back and read this thread, I just can't right now...:flower: