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    This is a good web site! I send these to my relatives as they are part of the 95% of the population that are not prepared.

    Home Survival Kits

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    Most of us have relatives who are in denial.

    Many of them think they don't have to prepare because they think nothing bad can happen to them in America.Like the Romans ,they feel we are invinceable.

    Both sides of our family are still doing ok so it has'nt hit them yet.A couple say they will come here if anythign happens.If they do,we'll work their butts off!They can't help too old half way disabled relatives now,they won't reap the rewards of our painful hard work later on.

    I guess the Y2K thing made em desaster shy.They all sent money to prepare and nothing happened!:nuts: But they all went home with plenty of food ,etc..:congrat:

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    While watching a show on PBS about a nation of people that had vanished but left behind huge cities, buildings covered with artwork, etc. I got to thinking these people thought their lives would go on and on. What happened is still a mystery. The way the cities were laid out, the size of the buildings, the art work, they had to be intelligent people. Don't be so sure as to think it can't happen to our country. Rome was once great, there are still surviving structures, roads and aquaducts left from their time. Their's was a government and ecconomic downfall. Speculation for the unnamed country varies from earthquake, to tsunami, to famine, to plague, hopefully they will have a sequel after the experts are thru investigating. All I can say is Prepare for the worst and Pray for the best. It can happen here if we aren't prepared. Sorry this sounds kind of gloom and doom, but what can I say it's Monday.