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This was posted on another site. Gas will be going up as this 87 year old elitist predicted. I am thinking sabotage with the oil. As well as everything else going on. Anyways, welcome to the New World Order!

Elitists & the Economy

Shasta - 1/31/10

Notes from a Lindsey Williams radio interview regarding what the elite are planning for 2010.

An 87-year old elitist is Lindsey's source; this elitist is not well and he knows the grave is near. He said, tell them everything.

Everyone wants to know the future, directly from the source of the elite.

There will be no shortage of food and water! But you will not be able to buy it!

2010 - You may go hungry because you won't be able to buy it.

You will lose 20-50% of the value of your money in 12 months.

Dollar will be dead in 2012: 30-50% of the value of your money.

The elite don't want to move too fast, to keep people from jumping out of the saddle.

The elite are in gold and silver, not paper.

They don't care about the USA.

Crude Oil: It was going from $147 to $50 a barrel. Where is it going NOW? Answer: It is not $87 a barrel. The dollar is still the method of trading and the dollar base is $50 a barrel. As the value goes down, they will allow OPEC the purchasing power to go to $100 -- probably 50% more than we are paying right now. Watch the progression and you will know by that what they are up to.

Gasoline: From $2.50 to $5.00 a gallon, due to deterioration of the dollar.

Derivatives: Dubai defaulted over $80 billion -- can't pay them.

Taking oil to $50 a barrel in order to bankrupt the Arabs.

Dubai World -- derivatives. Don't trust any of these instruments. They did it on purpose to bring world to the complicated condition that it is now in. Get out of paper and get into tangibles! Derivatives have put the worlds' banking system where it could collapse at any minute.

War: There will be no war with Iran for at least a year or year and a half, unless the Israelis start it, but war is planned.

Gave me seven buzz words. I was to listen to their buzz words.
1. Oil is priced in dollars! Watch the dollar and you will know by its decline.
2. Financial deficits spending is awash in spending. Don't trust paper! Get out of paper! Gold, silver and property, etc.
3. The Healthcare Bill is government takeover! This is not a health bill; it is a total takeover: gun confiscation, chips, etc. Read the fine print!
4. Afghanistan, Yemen, etc. Only Saber-rattling. It's about drug money!
5. The Chinese are the strong ones. America will be relegated to third world status.
6. The prices are going up -- better buy it right now. By end of year, inflation!
7. Inflation will be huge -- no turnaround any time soon. The elites want the world to come to the position to where they are taking it. What have they to gain? Everything; they will own everything. Everything that is mortgaged or holds paper, they will come and take it.
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